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Ok I need a sweary rant. Who's joining me?

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HeyAssbutt Mon 13-Apr-20 20:19:10

Ok I know we're all going through the same thing right now but I've had a shit day and I need to vent.
First of all, I've had an ear infection since friday, I had a migraine all day yesterday and today dd (4) has been a bloody nightmare. I'm a key worker and dd was going to school 4 days a week while I worked. She was sent home weds with a cough (not a continuous one, it stopped after a day) which now means we have to be off for 2 weeks. I've had to take holiday as I cant afford to do anything else.
Dd has been arguing with fucking everything I've suggested today, made a huge mess and been crying over every little thing. Went out for our daily scoot/walk and I saw people flying fucking kites and playing cricket. That's not essential fucking exercise. We don't have a garden and a small house so I have to get out every day.
I am so fucking fed up of feeling like shit. I'm a single mum and I have depression and anxiety. Working was what was keeping me sane.
Ok that's helped a bit. Anyone else like to irrationally rant?

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Mumtofourandnomore Mon 13-Apr-20 21:42:02

Urgh, I need to give you a massive hug (((()))), I’ll send you a cyber Easter egg too and a glass of wine 🍷. You can only do your best, I’m sure that children have a sixth sense to irritate you just when life is already 💩. I have four children, and they can go from being a wonderful little team to a pack of wolves at the flick of a switch.

Sorry about the ear infection and migraines, feeling under the weather is crap at the best of times but it’s hard when everything gets on top of you ((())). I heard my elderly neighbours have their daughter and grandchildren round yesterday - I was cross because I’ve spent all week making sure my son doesn’t kick his football over the fence in case I accidentally give them corona, and then there they are having a family get together ! But you know what, you can only control your own actions - I agree it’s good to get out everyday, particularly if you don’t have a garden, I find a bit of fresh air lifts my mood, and a change of scenery is good (although I’ve been on the same walk for almost a month now !)

That’s annoying about dd’s school, particularly if you are a key worker and now have to take annual leave, not sure what to suggest there. I’m sorry that life is stressful, I think it’s just about taking each day as it comes and trying to take little steps - your dd will probably look back on this time as being wonderful and a chance to spend a bit of time with you. I know the feeling might not be mutual lol, but keep ranting, it’s good to get it off your chest. I appreciate I haven’t really given you any constructive advice lol, but thought I would send a hug ((())).

FascinatingCarrot Mon 13-Apr-20 21:51:45

Your sweary rant is way more polite than mine, I would have had a couple loads more words in there grin
Migraines are the devil, so I feel for you. Ive let go of worrying what the neighbours do, I cant control it and I was in a rage virtually 12 hours a day. Its helped.
Hope tomorrow gets better. Drink gin, or tea. Both medicinal in their own special way!

HeyAssbutt Mon 13-Apr-20 22:09:25

Thank you so much for your replies. It's just all getting me down. Of course I understand the schools position but it's just frustrating because I know she doesn't have the listed symptoms. Same here with going on the same walk every day! I'm trying to stay positive but damn it's hard to be the proactive "I've got lots of fun things planned" mum all day every day.

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Twigletfairy Mon 13-Apr-20 22:12:37

That sounds shit, I hope you can start feeling at least a little better

My ran is that my toddler has a spiral fracture in her leg because selfish pricks cant keep their fucking dogs under their control. I don't give a shiny shit how friendly their dog is, I do not want it to approach either my dog that is kept on her lead, or my small child. And you know what? The selfish pricks just walked away without a word, when my 3 year old landed on her head, hysterically screaming about her leg, they just kept fucking walking. I can understand not wanting to get close, but they didn't even call over to ask if she was ok. Fucking assholes.

The police won't do anything because where we were the dog was legally allowed to be off lead and didn't deliberately hurt her.

So we had to attend minor injuries the day it happened and had to take my young baby with me as she is breasted and my husband has been deemed an essential worker (bit of a fucking stretch if you ask me) and was at work so he couldn't take my toddler, and of course no other fucker could take her. And then we have to attend hospital next week for a review and full cast. The hospital is the last place I want to be, especially as I'm asthmatic.

I'm now also too scared to take my dog for a walk while I have the children with me, especially as my toddler now can't walk. So I have to take my dog in the evening which means the children wont get out for their daily walk. All because those pathetic twats didn't keep control of their dogs.

HeIenaDove Mon 13-Apr-20 22:17:29

Yes potatoes dont keep for long in this sweatbucket of a flat.

HeyAssbutt Mon 13-Apr-20 22:18:10

Oh for fucks sake that's awful! I'm not the biggest dog person but dd is really scared of dogs anyway. If something like that happened to her she'd be scarred for life. I cant believe they didn't even see if she was ok. Fucking inconsiderate pricks! And I definitely wouldn't want to be having to go to hospital right now. Hugs

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rc22 Mon 13-Apr-20 22:22:09

@Twigletfairy That's crap. Really hope you're little girl is better soon.

rc22 Mon 13-Apr-20 22:22:46

'Your' that should have said!!

Twigletfairy Mon 13-Apr-20 22:23:01

Thankyou. Honestly I would love to find out who they were and give them a piece of my mind, and probably a hard slap too. But of course 2 wrongs don't make a right. Still fucking bullshit though.

But you're right, ranting does help ease it a little. For now that is. I'm sure I'll be equally angry tomorrow as soon as I see my child having to bum shuffle or drag herself along the floor

ViciousJackdaw Mon 13-Apr-20 22:43:48

What actually happened? The dog didn't bite did it?

Bringonspring Mon 13-Apr-20 22:47:45

On your eye infection, I have only just started getting these but find if not tested they cause severe headaches, I have needed antibiotics to clear it. Do you have a temp with it? It might be worth a call to the doctor.

Twigletfairy Mon 13-Apr-20 23:11:51

No the dog didn't bite. They had a group of 3 dogs which walked up to us as we stood to one side. My dog was next to me on a lead and my toddler was stood directly in front of me. The owners walked past without a word. The dogs were all just having a nosy and a sniff, they then noticed their owners were a little way away so ran towards them. One of them was sniffing at my dog so my toddler was stood between that dog and the direction of the owners. It barrelled into my toddler, sweeping her legs up from underneath her do she landed on her head. We think her leg was broken by her foot dragging across the floor when she was swept off her feet.

That's why the police have said it's not an actual crime. The dog didn't mean any harm, it was just running towards the owner. They were all lovely friendly dogs, but they shouldn't have been left to approach us or at least called away immediately.

My dog was excited because she was on the lead but wanted to play so was being wound up. So I'm trying to hold onto her, and I was concentrating on the dogs head to make sure none of them nipped my daughter. I turned away for one second when one started to have a nosy In the pram my 4 month old was in. I turn back just as the dogs start running and flip my toddler. I have so much guilt that I should have done more myself

Mumtofourandnomore Mon 13-Apr-20 23:30:46

Twiglet that is terrible, I can rant about dogs too - my 15 year old ds is a very good mountain biker. We have some good trails locally but I’ve told him to keep it steady and not to risk injury. Then last week he was riding home and a dog ran up to him a took a chunk out of his leg angry, the owner did not even stop even though there was lots of blood running down his leg. Ironic that his injury happened 50m from our doorstep !! Seems to be healing well due to my great medical skills (wipe and plaster) but grrrrr, I hope your dd feels better soon.

Twigletfairy Mon 13-Apr-20 23:51:26

That's awful! Its all those fuckwit dog owners that give the rest of us a bad name! I'm glad it's healing well, people's attitudes are just appalling

HeyAssbutt Tue 14-Apr-20 09:18:49

bringonspring yes I have had a slight temp. It's ok I've had lots of ear infections and I'm prone to headaches and migraines so nothing out of the ordinary. I've been taking codeine which I was prescribed a while ago. My ear is settling now so dont think I'll need antibiotics thankfully

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