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Recovery rates.

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neveradullmoment99 Tue 14-Apr-20 13:49:28

Really alarmed at the recovery rates in the Uk.

United Kingdom cases
Updated 14 Apr at 13:42 local

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neveradullmoment99 Mon 13-Apr-20 19:58:33

They have changed this recently too.

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neveradullmoment99 Mon 13-Apr-20 19:58:08

Oh really? I didn't hear that. Thanks. Strange how all the other countries are though!

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Sunshinegirl82 Mon 13-Apr-20 19:57:12

My understanding is that they are not reporting recovery rates because they cannot be accurately calculated at the moment. You would need to follow up every case and the re test them (perhaps repeatedly) and I just don’t think the resources to do that are there at present.

neveradullmoment99 Mon 13-Apr-20 19:32:41

Initially i thought maybe a technical glitch but its now been two days.

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neveradullmoment99 Mon 13-Apr-20 19:31:25

Why have they been N/A for 2 days now? on worldometeres,

Anyone else notice this?
They have been very low and now not available.

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