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Any chance of an x-ray?

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Buttons4me Mon 13-Apr-20 18:24:36

What are the chances of having an x-ray on my hand? I spoke to my gp a week ago who was unable to say what the problem is for definite without an x-ray. She said she would refer me but it would be difficult to get it at the moment. There's much worse going on in the world but it's miserable and I'm doing next to nothing at the moment trying to not move my hand around too much. I'd love to know what is going on in my hand - thumb, thumb base and wrist. I wouldn't of even thought the gp would of been able to put referrals through at the moment. My mum reacons on the chance I did get one I'd be putting myself at risk of coronavirus going for it. It may be anyone's guess or maybe a mn would have better knowledge if id get one by knowing the system of whats going on if anyone is getting xrays and how long it is taking or avoid and basically I just have to put up and shut up? I think does it sound like a joke my question but surely my gp wouldn't of said she would put a referral through still despite the current situation.

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