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Nofunkingworriesmate Mon 13-Apr-20 14:50:16

Masturbation can be done on the sofa and an orgasm boosts your immune system -win win !

RapidRainbow Mon 13-Apr-20 11:02:53

I need a hobby other than Candy Crush and reading on my phone!

I'm growing some vegetables but don't have space to go into full allotment mode.

I could do pilates more but need something I can do easily on the sofa to pass the day.

I don't like doing things for no reason, so knitting to me seems pointless as we buy our clothes. I know that rules out a lot of things crafty, I'm open to ideas on this though, if something interests me then it wouldn't be pointless so appreciate the contradiction there!

I've tried making greetings cards in the past and quickly got bored, I have a shirt attention span 😅

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