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Anyone had a go at cutting their own hair yet?

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MrsWolf2 Sun 12-Apr-20 18:16:21

I’d been putting off getting mine done for ages and ages before lockdown and now I’ve just had enough of it. I pretty much always have it in a ponytail or plaits so I think I’m just going to wash it, plait enough of it to get hair bands on them get the kitchen scissors and cut so there’s about an inch below the hairband.

How bad could it be, not like I’m seeing anyone I know apart from DH who has badly shaved his own head, and my 17 month old DD whose fringe I have already made a disaster.

Has anyone already had a go? How good or bad did it turn out?

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ACupOfTeaSolvesEverything Sun 12-Apr-20 18:16:45

Yep, worked out pretty well!

SouthCoastShell Sun 12-Apr-20 18:19:42

Ive got a pixie cut, used electric clippers on longest grade around the ears and back of the neck, turned out ok! May even do it in between haircuts when things are back to normal!

Plump82 Sun 12-Apr-20 18:22:37

I cut my hair anyways so this hasn't been an issue but what's the worst that can happen. Hair grows back.

MrsWolf2 Sun 12-Apr-20 18:24:34

Glad it’s worked out well for some people. Maybe I’ll be amazing at it and never have to visit a hairdresser again 🤞

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Whitney168 Sun 12-Apr-20 18:27:17

Not having the urge to attack mine - yet! - but have done husband's and brother's with the (decent) dog clippers this week. Both went absolutely fine, with no noticeable difference to their usual barbers' jobs.

I think there may be an awful lot of blokes that never bother paying a barber again after this. Doesn't seem much point paying £15-£20 around here for something that can be done at home in 5 minutes, as often as needed.

BakedCam Sun 12-Apr-20 18:27:22

Holding up hand.

I have and the DH.

ScrapThatThen Sun 12-Apr-20 18:28:18

I've ordered clippers with long guard, but actually I am rethinking as my hair looks lush at the moment growing longer and curlier.
I have done Mumsnet haircut in the past a few times (the thing with the band's) and it works well if you do it right but it can be mullet like if not.

TheGriffle Sun 12-Apr-20 18:29:56

I have after watching Brad Mondos guide to doing it on YouTube. Didn’t got exactly to plan but I only needed to trim the split ends so not a total disaster!

Nonotmenori Sun 12-Apr-20 18:38:55

Yes I shaved all mine off yesterday. I had my waist length hair chopped off before the lockdown and donated it before I'd started chemotherapy. It's started falling out so I went in armed with kitchen scissors to cut down as much off as possible and then I used a five blade razor. Managed to cut myself once, but I've done an alright job for a new badly if I don't say so myself 😂

wineandcheeseplease Sun 12-Apr-20 18:43:08

Yup. Gone from long to above shoulders

Minai Sun 12-Apr-20 18:45:56

Not yet but I have dyed my hair from highlighted blonde back to my natural light brown colour and it went surprisingly ok!

Celandines Sun 12-Apr-20 18:45:57

I'm going to do this

sparklefarts Sun 12-Apr-20 18:46:46

Yup, ponytail at front of head method. Worked well

Therollockingrogue Sun 12-Apr-20 18:48:23

I did mine. Caution with having the ponytail too far forward as this results in a mad fringe

daisypond Sun 12-Apr-20 18:48:35

Good on you! That is fabulous.

JunoJigglewick Sun 12-Apr-20 18:49:29

I've been hacking half an inch off today. Took half an inch off last week. Just putting my hair into a pony tail at different points of my head and... trimming.

Am tempted to really go for it but also a bit unsure I could pull off a Corona Haircut.

Gigipixiz Sun 12-Apr-20 18:51:46

Yep, my brother in law is a hairdresser so he zoomed me and talked me through it literally bit by bit. Full fringe cut in. It’s obviously not professional standard but it’s not awful or the worst hair cut I have had.

bevelino Sun 12-Apr-20 18:58:08

Dd3 has trimmed my fringe, but I made her let me do hers first. All went ok as we both watched tutorial after tutorial online.

0blio Sun 12-Apr-20 19:01:12

Well done Nonotmenori Wishing you all the best flowers

DramaAlpaca Sun 12-Apr-20 19:01:39

I got mine done at the hairdresser's at the very last minute so I'm OK for the moment. DH practically begged me to cut his, so I had a go with scissors and he was quite happy. I've ordered some clippers online now, so I can give him a proper cut.

KeepWashingThoseHands Sun 12-Apr-20 19:03:57

Yep - had a little hack this morning grin

I have shoulder length hair with some layers. Overdue a cut before lockdown and getting scraggy. Got the scissors out and had a little nibble off the ends smile

Looks fine to me! Think the trick is knowing when to stop.

TheOnlyAletheia Sun 12-Apr-20 19:06:27

Yep - trimmed my pixie cut with clippers and also highlighted/lowlighted too. Looks totally normal 🙂

CarolefeckinBaskin Sun 12-Apr-20 19:24:13

Youtube tutorials are your friend OP
I've cut mine lots of times myself. never had a mare!
I always say nobody knows what it was meant to look like anyway smile
I'm currently sporting brown roots with ash blonde lengths as I obviously can't go to the salon for my normal base colour and highlights and it actually looks good - I found out after I done it that people pay to have their hair like this :@ (Root stretch)
My ends and side fringe will need trimming soon too.
Well done !

Floralista Sun 12-Apr-20 19:27:01

My blind father told me this morning he'd cut his own hair and that he was going to do my mother's this afternoon. I would be tempted to break lockdown rules just to see that hmmgrin

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