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BBC News is my friend lying?

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Theodoreb Sun 12-Apr-20 17:02:23

She likes to make me anxious and as a sheilded person with two vulnerable dc I'm very nervous of lockdown ending and school re opening she's also a bit stupid and believes those fb pages which are fake.

She just told me that she watched bbc news and Boris Johnson gave a speech saying lockdown was being lifted slowly that construction workers can go back and buses are back on as normal tomorrow.

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Theodoreb Sun 12-Apr-20 17:03:59

She also said that Boris Johnson said people could start going to work again.

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TwiggetyTwig Sun 12-Apr-20 17:04:20

Google it confused

(She's lying, but why can't you just check for yourself?)

newroundhere Sun 12-Apr-20 17:04:23

She is lying and she's not your friend. Check the BBC news website for yourself.

HerLadySheep Sun 12-Apr-20 17:04:38

She's an idiot, get a better friend !

inwood Sun 12-Apr-20 17:04:53

Yep that's bollocks. Can't you access bbc on your phone?

Butterer Sun 12-Apr-20 17:07:20

Nope, she's definitely not seen that herself because it hasn't happened. That's a really cruel thing to do.

Maybe time to reconsider the friendship?

Theodoreb Sun 12-Apr-20 17:10:54

I did google it and couldn't find anything but as I suffer severe anxiety owing to mental health problems was worried it wasn't up on internet yet or any 1000s of reasons as to why I couldn't find what she was on about.

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BakedCam Sun 12-Apr-20 17:12:12

Boris has just been discharged from intensive care in the last 48 hours.

I think you need to look at the news yourself.

ThanosSavedMe Sun 12-Apr-20 17:13:45

If you couldn’t find it, it’s not there. Find a new friend.

LillyLeaf Sun 12-Apr-20 17:14:16

There was a BBC news article about Spain possibly returning some workers soon, not the UK and Boris has not said this. Don't listen to her.

bigchris Sun 12-Apr-20 17:14:25


Start relying in yourself op

Theodoreb Sun 12-Apr-20 17:14:45

That's what I read but was worried as I don't watch tv that he had made a statement on tv like she claimed and that it hadn't been uploaded to internet yet so I wasn't seeing it yet. Definitely re thinking friendship.

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Cornettoninja Sun 12-Apr-20 17:15:25

I think you need to block your friend. You recognise what she’s doing so stop engaging.

MarieQueenofScots Sun 12-Apr-20 17:15:32

She likes to make me anxious

She isn’t your friend. She’s desperately unkind using your mental health as some sort of tool for her amusement.

Ditch her.

ShastaBeast Sun 12-Apr-20 17:15:37

Construction workers have not been told not to work, so can’t go back as such. Some companies may have chosen to close. Many others haven’t, hence the busy tube train photos. Buses in London are still on a reduced timetable, but there’s still a lot of them. But this isn’t new.

News says Boris isn’t returning to work. But he can WFH so we wouldn’t know if he started work.

But the real question is why are you friends with this person?

Theodoreb Sun 12-Apr-20 17:17:47

I am friends with this person as she is my only friend I have severe mental health problems and as a result am very isolated only person I talk to other than her is my mum. So have stayed friends as was lonely but thinking that's it now final straw.

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JackMummy12 Sun 12-Apr-20 17:22:24

She’s lying.

For one thing construction workers were never told they couldn’t work, anyone who couldn’t work from home was still allowed to work.

She sounds like she has real issues if she is your friend and purposely wants to upset you.

Keep safe and away from her x

Atleastthedoglovesme Sun 12-Apr-20 17:23:26

No, lockdown isn't being lifted yet.

But contraction was never stopped in the first place.

cryinglightning Sun 12-Apr-20 17:24:33

Absolute rubbish. Wishful thinking of your friend OP and what a nasty thing to do - can only hope she had misinterpreted a news item she saw. Hope you're OK flowers

Paddington68 Sun 12-Apr-20 17:26:29

She's not your friend, she's a bitch, bin her off.

BakedCam Sun 12-Apr-20 17:26:50

Dont accuse her of lying. But, if she is making you anxious, I'd withdraw peacefully. Any local groups you could join online? That will be much more disposed towards people that are alone and suffering from MH anxieties and depression?

Zaphodsotherhead Sun 12-Apr-20 17:27:46

Didn't you think to ask her how Boris was 'making a speech' when he's only just out of intensive care? Didn't this strike you as unlikely in any way? If she'd said that someone else had made a speech as dictated by Boris it may have been believable, but saying HE made the speech?

Maybe work on your critical thinking and your need to depend on your friend for contact with the outside world.

Tajiri Sun 12-Apr-20 17:28:24

Yeah, I think you need to re-evaluate this 'friendship' OP.

Shitsgettingcrazy Sun 12-Apr-20 17:28:49

Op think about it logically. I know that can be difficult when anxious.

Theres no chance buses can go back to normal tomorrow. Public transport workers are high risk, for catching it. Lots will be isolating. So they wont have the staff, at the click of their fingers.

Those staff, could possibly be infected. If everyone starts back in public transport like we did 8 weeks ago, it will spread hugely and the NHS would be overwhelmed.

Anyone who like to send you into a mental health spiral is not a friend. If she kept making a physical health problem worse would you keep in touch? If you had asthma and she purposely kept blowing smoke in your face? Would you still be friends with her?

This really does need to be the final straw. She is making you ill and enjoying it.

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