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Smelly drains,STD soldier but no Clap

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PrincessConsueIaBananaHammock Sun 12-Apr-20 16:58:00

Just in case we have more crimes,murders and general mischief to confess to.

Please leave your shoes at the door, have a Dettol wash and then stand awkwardly while not consuming any perishables.

Ironic smiles and head tilts are ALOUD but absolutely no laughter,fun or enjoying yourselves.

Disinfectant and disposable whips will be provided.

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Grobagsforever Sun 12-Apr-20 17:56:16

I'm getting two separate takeaways today. One for kids, one for adults.

Wowthisisreal Sun 12-Apr-20 17:57:37

Checking in!

PrincessConsueIaBananaHammock Sun 12-Apr-20 18:00:16

Grobags you rebel,you!

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Destinysdaughter Sun 12-Apr-20 18:01:13

Had a fabulous delivery today, wireless headphones, so I can garden, go around the house etc without having to carry my phones, or get the wires tangled up. I bloody love them! They have def enhanced the quality of my life. Shoot me! grin

ISaySteadyOn Sun 12-Apr-20 18:15:49

Thank you @PrincessConsueIaBananaHammock. I went for a walk today and I smiled at a father who managed to do pushups with his DD sitting on him. And I stopped to look at a bench dedicated to a couple v who met in 1941 while admiring a Spitfire.

I don't like clapping but I do think the children are bearing up well under these circumstances.

SarahTancredi Sun 12-Apr-20 18:18:53


I'm gonna have to have my headphones surgically removed at this rate ..saves me listening to the kids arguing and the neighbours on the garden wondering wtf I'm watching.

Fyi Paradise PD is not the cleanest show to watch

PrincessConsueIaBananaHammock Sun 12-Apr-20 18:22:03

Isay I agree.

The dismissive narrative of "they're fineee,they're kids" and refusal to accept that they might struggle and find it hard really bugs me. And that's without adding extra challenges like SEN, other disabilities, mental health problems etc.

I find it as damaging and stupid as the oldfashioned (but sadly not gone) view that children can't suffer from bad mental health because they're kids.

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ISaySteadyOn Sun 12-Apr-20 18:39:32

Mine are doing well and I am so proud of them but they all miss their friends so much. And break time.

soupforbrains Sun 12-Apr-20 18:50:27

My DS is the anxious sort, he’s old enough that he will look at the news online of his own accord so I can’t hide the truth from him and it’s been quite a trial to keep him from spiralling as obviously it is actually quite a scary thing, but I’ve been trying to teach him about pragmatism and interpreting the facts. Then we had the whole schoolwork issue, where his workload was huge and he was simultaneously devastated to be ‘losing’ some of his school holidays to work but would equally had a total meltdown at the concept of not completing and submitting work which was expected. He’s struggled a lot. Far more than me, although managing his mental wellbeing poses an additional drain on me too.

I don’t know how anyone can believe that ‘the kids will be just fine! They’re kids!’ Imbeciles.

I’ve had several chats with neighbours today (happily murdering hundreds I’m sure)

I’ve also had rather a lot to drink already so apologies if I become less and less coherent grin

PrincessConsueIaBananaHammock Sun 12-Apr-20 18:50:45

When it was still "term time" and homeschooling I sent DD outside at the same time break would start at school. Then forget to call her back in for 3 hours.grin

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Willow2017 Sun 12-Apr-20 19:01:17

When it was still "term time" and homeschooling I sent DD outside at the same time break would start at school. Then forget to call her back in for 3 hours

Francesthemute Sun 12-Apr-20 19:52:52

Hi murderers.

I didn’t quite join in properly on the last thread but I should confess today’s sins - bike ride with kids which is bad enough but we also said hello to everyone we passed - no one called the rozzers as far as I’m aware. Then a (fit) stranger who we don’t live with offered to lift our bikes over a stupid fence. He gave no fucks. I’m sure I’ve single handedly killed off an entire county today.

Now I’m drinking non essential wine and stealing bits of Easter egg.

Smilethoyourheartisbreaking Sun 12-Apr-20 19:53:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Msloverlover Sun 12-Apr-20 20:00:21

It’s my daughters 2nd birthday on Tuesday. My OH will be going out to buy candles. Who should he be more scared of, an over zealous bobby or her down at number 45?

Shitsgettingcrazy Sun 12-Apr-20 20:32:19

Just seen on another thread that dropping easter eggs off is dangerous (even if part of a walk or dropped off by a food donation charity), because they could have been touched by anyone and be carrying the virus, then the child touches it, eats the virus.

In that case, all shopping is dangerous. No one one should be dropping food off on someones doorstep. Those who cant leave should obviously starve.

I mean if you are shopping washer, surely you will wash the easter egg dropped of by aunt Mabel on her walk?

So odd that frothers, seem really offended by eaater eggs. Do they normally get this amount of hate?

Willow2017 Sun 12-Apr-20 20:49:39

Another thread i gave up on! All the angst about someone dropping off eggs on their walk! Didnt see all the replies maybe i should go back and look.
If yiu are that worried;
Take it out the packing.
Put packing in bin.
Wash your hands.
Whats the problem?
People are looking for every way they can to reprimand other people. Its a power trip for many these days the only chsnce they will get possibly

PrincessConsueIaBananaHammock Sun 12-Apr-20 20:52:19

@Shitsgettingcrazy some but not to this level. Normally it's because they're chocolate.. think of the sugar,the teeth,the obesity etc.

@Smilethoyourheartisbreaking I thought vag was a typo.. apparently not!grin

What I really need is some way to get some fake/gel nails back on. I'm a nervous picker so after 2 weeks I have peeling,bleeding ,falling apart fingers. There's some damage on my face and toes too. If you have any recommendations that'd be great before I run out of plasters.

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Shitsgettingcrazy Sun 12-Apr-20 20:55:31

It's really weird. Cant work out if its Easter eggs that are deadly or the dropping of them in the doorstep, which would apply to all shopping.

Theres also someone on there who think it's pointless and a waste of money. I mean they are right. Its definitely a waste of time to try and spread a bit of happiness to kids and families at this shit time. confused

Theres also a thread about a couple dancing in the park. It's been pointed out, they probably live together and are exercising. But Op says it's not her interpretation of exercise, so shouldnt be allowed.

Shitsgettingcrazy Sun 12-Apr-20 20:57:37

think of the sugar,the teeth,the obesity etc.


But if you are going to think of the children, make sure you are thinking if a way to stop any fun they are having.

Surely, there arent that many mners who dont let their kids have chocolate at all? Moderation and all that.

Willow2017 Sun 12-Apr-20 21:01:52

On another thread about eggs one poster only wrote that she doesn't buy GC any eggs ever as she thinks of thier teeth first. What a joy she must be, imagine Xmas!!

ilovecherries Sun 12-Apr-20 21:02:28

I am about to start bitterly regretting not having my big toe nails removed (horribly ingrown on both sides). My podiatrist has been encouraging me to do it for three years and while I’m in the chair having them dealt with it seems a terribly good idea, but then I skip out the door and forget it for 6 weeks. My 6 weeks is up on Tuesday 😕. I have had a another murdering day pottering around the back garden, seeing no one. I keep waiting for the Spanish soldier I was promised to put in an appearance, but I think I’ve been conned. I don’t think they exist. I suspect I will get a flat Stanley one day, dressed as a sodding soldier.

Smilethoyourheartisbreaking Sun 12-Apr-20 21:03:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Shitsgettingcrazy Sun 12-Apr-20 21:04:45

PrincessConsueIaBananaHammock my fingers and toes are a mess too.

I cant even find the nail clippers 😭

ilovecherries Sun 12-Apr-20 21:04:48

Am heavily hinting to adult DD that she might consider opening the Easter Egg that I selfishly put in my Tesco shop two weeks ago. She’s not having it.

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