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Neighbour’s building work still going on during lockdown!

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Alwaysnachos Sun 12-Apr-20 16:46:21

Hi All,

Just wondering on what your thoughts are on this,
Since the beginning of February there has been constant building work going on next door (we share a wall). This building work has been extremely noisy involving loud hammering and drilling. Since the lockdown has been enforced they are still working continuously. However, they are now working seven days a week including today which started at 9am(!) and good Friday 8.30am- 7pm(!).
My daughter is trying to complete her University studies and dissertation and is finding it difficult to concentrate especially as there is nowhere else she can work due to the lockdown closing libraries/ coffee shops.

So therefore, I am wondering what I should do next as this is extremely frustrating especially as we can’t escape the noise.

Thank you smile

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PotteringAlong Sun 12-Apr-20 17:04:54

Nothing, they are allowed to continue to make habitable buildings safe if they were in the middle of building works.

Be thankful they are working 7 days a week; it will be finished faster.

LilacTree1 Sun 12-Apr-20 17:08:36

If you’re in a position to talk to the owner, please do

Check council regulations re timings.

Alwaysnachos Sun 12-Apr-20 18:49:11

Our council says noisy building work only between 8am-5pm on weekdays, 8am-1pm on Saturdays and not on Sundays or Bank Holidays.

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SheRaTheAllPowerful Sun 12-Apr-20 18:50:40

Can can put in a noise complaint, they shouldn’t be working on bank holidays

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