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Get a refund on BT sport.

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SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Sun 12-Apr-20 16:17:46

We just got a 3 month rebate on our payment for BT sport - to cover this summer, where there is going to be little or no sport to watch.

I thought there may be other MNers who pay for this service, and might like a bit of a rebate!

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Elderflower14 Sun 12-Apr-20 16:21:28

How do I get a rebate please?

DramaAlpaca Sun 12-Apr-20 16:24:41

Good idea, SDTG, thanks for that. I'll put DH on the case, he's bored and needs something to do - and he watches it most anyway!

Ohffs66 Sun 12-Apr-20 16:50:16

Just done ours, thank you SDTG!! It hadn't even occurred to me, DH had cancelled our Sky Sport a few weeks ago but I forgot about BT as it's only a tenner on the package. Every penny helps right now though!

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Sun 12-Apr-20 17:14:35

Dh rang BT, @Elderflower14.

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Elderflower14 Mon 13-Apr-20 08:30:22

Thank you. Will ring later xxxx

PinkSparklyPussyCat Mon 13-Apr-20 09:00:52

I’ve done the same for Sky Sports. No point in paying for it if you don’t have to

cologne4711 Mon 13-Apr-20 13:01:23

Yes we get Sky Sports via Virgin Media and they've paused the subscription until they have something to show.

Kez0777 Mon 13-Apr-20 13:02:59

Does anyone know if you can do this through the app? I avoid talking to people unless it's absolutely essential 🤣

Ohffs66 Mon 13-Apr-20 13:09:50

I did mine by just logging into my account online, I don't have the app. There was a bit on the landing page about it it was easy to find and do, you just need your account number

Elderflower14 Mon 13-Apr-20 17:30:28

Thanks... I've taken the option to give my subscription to the NHS. There is that choice if you wish to... here

Fiddlersgreen Mon 13-Apr-20 18:12:43

Thanks for this, I hadn’t realised you could do that. Have donated mine

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