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Living apart but still meeting up for dinner

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Queenie24 Sun 12-Apr-20 10:35:00

My sister and her partner do not live together but have a 1 year old together so have been doing drop offs and pick ups but this weekend she decided to go for a bbq and now for lunch today. I said she its ok as they both have contact with their child but I would assume no socialising means no socialising and they should just be doing drop offs?

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WanderingLost167 Sun 12-Apr-20 11:11:48

Mine comes in for a chat.

Its semantics, anything will be passed from one to the other via the child anyway

thewinkingprawn Sun 12-Apr-20 11:13:50

I actually think it’s fine. I’m sure a lot will say it isn’t but they are passing a child over between them. Am sure a lot will say it’s not though so I suppose they just need to make up their own minds.

LuluBellaBlue Sun 12-Apr-20 11:13:52

Yes, the child would be passing anything on between them anyway.
Obviously it would be more sensible if neither of them have contact with anyone else and are isolating.

Buyitinbamboo Sun 12-Apr-20 11:17:47

I think it's one of those that's actually ok because the child would be passing anything on anyway but the government could never say it's ok as you'll get people extending on that and taking the piss.

Bool Sun 12-Apr-20 11:34:21

Yes I would consider it one household.

NaturalBornWoman Sun 12-Apr-20 12:26:45

You say partner not ex so why aren’t they living together anyway? That would save unnecessary journeys shuttling a child back and forth and cut down on shopping trips etc.

Butterymuffin Sun 12-Apr-20 12:49:25

this weekend she decided to go for a bbq and now for lunch today

Barbecue for one (or even two, I wouldn't count the one year old) is odd in my view.

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