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DS Central London Hospital Appt. to go or not to go?

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ProfessorPootle Sun 12-Apr-20 10:01:46

Agh, have received anxiety inducing appointment for ds, it’s central London and in paediatric - infectious diseases clinic confused

He attends central London dental hospital for possible undiagnosed rare condition, very rare symptoms, went in March just before lockdown, dh drove us so he could stay with car and I took dc in (would normally do train/tube just me and ds). They decided to refer to another colleague within immunology and mentioned due to departments moving buildings appointment would be quite quick, normally takes months to see anyone (this is true, March appt was a 1yr wait). Immunology appt is on 4th May, in infectious diseases clinic confused

Trip to central London and infectious diseases clinic both putting me off, but consultant is world expert and ds needs diagnosis for treatment to start, has symptoms with teeth, jaw and most importantly growth. He’s 8, first noticed problem with teeth age 2, so this has been going on a long time and consultant we saw in March was first to actually take it seriously. Got appt with him after referral from another consultant from same dental hospital who looked in his mouth for 5mins and said all was fine.

But barely been out of house since 20th March as eldest dc has severe asthma although not within vulnerable group and 79 year old MIL living with us for duration, although she has no underlying health conditions.

We live SW London, last time appt was 8.30am and left house 6.30am to drive, managed to get a meter space in front of hospital. This appt is 3.45pm, don’t imagine there will be many people about but would be 3 of us in car again so dh can stay with car if no parking.

Sorry this is so long, just trying to weigh up. Opening letter this morning has pushed me slightly over the edge sadconfused

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moita Sun 12-Apr-20 11:03:37

I would go. My daughter had an appointment last week and it was weirdly quiet as so many departments are shut. Lots if people cleaning etc. Also v.good you can drive there . Totally understand your worry but it is about balance...bloody hard though

WarmCinnamonZoflora Sun 12-Apr-20 11:10:09

we have same issue - appointment at UCH in a couple of weeks. I think we go. I am terrified though - but good to hear it is quiet and clean. We will walk - as we have no car.

EricaNernie Sun 12-Apr-20 11:28:05

They are separating parts of the hospitals into clean and dirty, i believe, so you will be ok op, obviously not actual clean and dirty but that is the terminology.

Kuponut Sun 12-Apr-20 11:29:41

Had to take DD2 in to see our GP the other day as she'd developed some worrying symptoms and GP wanted to check out reflexes and neurological stuff (doesn't believe it's anything really sinister at the end of it but wasn't one could be resolved in a phonecall).

He says the hospital at the moment isn't really the terrifying option you think as they've cut back so much outpatient clinics to skeleton triaged - in for your slot - straight out that it's actually very safely setup as long as you do what they tell you to.

ProfessorPootle Sun 12-Apr-20 16:36:54

I’m thinking to go, don’t fancy ‘infectious diseases’ much, not sure why he’s been put in that clinic. DH is pretty adamant we don’t go but he might change his mind nearer the time if things are looking a bit better in London. Really thought his appointment would be delayed with the lockdown. I’ve the option to phone and change date but knowing our luck they’d either offer following week if it’s quiet or in a years time and you can only change it once.

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Helloitsmemargaret Sun 12-Apr-20 16:40:24

Paeds are quiet and doctors are very clear they want to see kids with other conditions. If you can avoid public transport then I would go.

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