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Listening to someone coughing with possible Covid

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Northernsoullover Sun 12-Apr-20 02:04:23

I live by a block of flats. Someone in there is coughing so badly without a pause. Its been going on for over an hour.
There are several flats so I wouldn't know which one it is. I know there are people who live alone there.
What would you do in this situation (if anything)? I'm just worried that there may be someone who might need help there.
Unfortunately the people who live in the flats have been congregating in the sunshine in the shared space so if one goes down with it then probably a lot more will too but thats neither here nor there.
I'm not thinking of phoning 111 or anything like that but its really distressing to listen to. I think I just needed to tell someone as I have no one to talk to at this time of day.

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PumpkinP Sun 12-Apr-20 02:11:05

I wouldn’t do anything

OneHanded Sun 12-Apr-20 02:13:36

I’m sorry for your anxiety, can you pop some headphones in?
Even if it’s a corona cough they’ll be awake with it if it’s that constant, and can seek help. It’s not pleasant not being able to breathe but it wakes you up. (Haven’t had corona mind, butchest infection turned sepsis).
Can you distract yourself at all? It’s a credit to you that you are kind and caring, but at this point you cannot help the situation in anyway and it’s not worth damaging your health as ‘witness’ to a situation you have no control over.

Northernsoullover Sun 12-Apr-20 08:47:39

Thank you for your replies. They did stop eventually. You are right. Nothing I could have done. Nothing I could have done any way. If that is Covid then its pretty dreadful but hopefully whoever it is will have there wherewithal to phone 111 if they get worse.

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Porpoises Sun 12-Apr-20 08:55:22

Do you have a WhatsApp group, or mutual aid group for your block? You could start one to help with this kind of situation. Stick a note through all the doors with your contact details, offering to add people to the group.

Natsku Sun 12-Apr-20 09:21:59

If its someone living alone it might be hard for them to call for help if they're coughing that badly. I haven't had Covid but I get asthma cough and when its bad there is no way I can call for help because I can't stop coughing long enough to talk. My OH has always had to call for me.

I think starting a mutual aid group for the area is a good idea, people can message if they need someone to call for them.

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