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Economic depression and its effects

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Sosadandempty Sun 12-Apr-20 01:09:25

What are the reasons some people have been saying that a war is possible after the pandemic?

I take it this is linked to the economic depression that may follow and to 1930s history kind of repeating itself? Is this really a likelihood?

Sorry this is a depressing post, and it is not meant to be goady. Everything that is happening day to day is already so much to take on board, potential war afterwards seems unfathomable.

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Pippin2028 Sun 12-Apr-20 01:29:42

I always thought that we might see history repeat itself but maybe more towards 2040, just because most places in Europe have become increasingly unaffordable for poorer people and there is so much division between the haves and have nots already. If the gap widens much more, the have not will want a change and be willing to fight for it. Maybe not a full blown war but I think a reset on certain things will happen eventually.

LonginesPrime Sun 12-Apr-20 01:31:16

Limited resources, protectionism, fear, mistrust of other nations' handling of the virus, scapegoating, the throwing out of usual checks and balances, rolling back of legal rights, shifting of societal norms, misinformation, civil unrest, economic uncertainty, the widening divide between rich and poor, political issues, and so on.

No man's an island, even now - it's all still interconnected.

I don't know how likely it is but personally, I think it makes sense not to dwell on it and to just take all this one day at a time. Many people have enough anxiety about the present and what tomorrow will bring so worrying about other crises arising from this one that may or may not happen means many people harbour more anxiety than necessary.

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