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Bastard neighbours

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Yasm1n Sat 11-Apr-20 21:09:52

So as you all know about my neighbours as I keep posting and some of you have messaged me private for an update, police and council have been no bloody help, I had to go round to his house with my 3 kids last night at 2:36am to tell him to turn it off he came all up and personal to my face and tried to smack me, my kids was so scared I've ended up emailing nearly everyone council, police and mp, the police are aware what is going on over 10+ reports of different neighbours they have had but they are saying it's limited to that they can do. Fucking bullshit they're breaching covid laws and nearly hurt me and my kids and this is not the first time this has happened he nearly punched another neighbour about 2 weeks ago for asking him to turn his music off at 4am. I'm so sick. And tired and I need proper advice more what shall I do? I've emailed social services about his kids and I don't feel bad one bit as the kids are jumping out of windows and running away to get away from them as the mum grabbed a piece of wood and smacked both kids in the front garden and was screaming in her language! I'm sick to death of living here like a prisoner in my own home and having to look after my elderly neighbours as they're scared to even put their bins out. Here's a copy of the email. How can I speed up their eviciton? It's a section 21 but said to take more then 6 fkin months I can't wait that long 😡

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