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Livelovelife35 Sat 11-Apr-20 19:05:52

I applied for a job before the lockdown has left current job. I'm meant to be due to start in a carehome in the next few weeks but have just found out they have just had 2 cases of the virus even though they have strict measures in place. I'm wondering what to do
Will my start date be pushed back or should I say to new employment about holding back for a few weeks

What would yous do? Choose health or job?
Or is it unreasonable to delay my start date?

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ChipotleBlessing Sat 11-Apr-20 19:25:33

I doubt they’ll let you delay the start date, they will take that as you not bring sufficiently reliable. So it’s whether you want the job long term or not? Do you know anything about whether they have adequate PPE?

Issues12 Sat 11-Apr-20 19:25:35

Well this is very difficult . You will have to do whatever they ask you to as carers are still needed . It’s up to you really . Personally I’d choose health but it’s your financial situation that would dictate this I assume .

Issues12 Sat 11-Apr-20 19:26:14

Are there any other jobs you could do with less risk ?

LatteLoverLovesLattes Sat 11-Apr-20 19:28:54

Health every time. Jobs no good if you're dead

Livelovelife35 Sat 11-Apr-20 21:06:37

I was a cleaner for 14 years 13 years in a big office and last year in the a hospital moved jobs as wanted a change and better hours etc so I went into home care but was getting messed about with hours and wages that was before this virus took over
The now we are claiming universal credit as my parter is on sick pay from work and I'm obviously not working at the moment
Was only working 16 hours cleaning so need a job that offered 30 hours for better money
I have no idea on what ppe is in place but probably will be aprons and gloves and obviously masks if your involved in care of those infected
Financially I wouldn't mind being on UC as jobs will come and go but health matters so much
Have done well in keeping my self and family safe and scared to think the worse

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nolovelost Sun 12-Apr-20 10:27:34

If you can, avoid that kind of setting for now, just explain that you don't want to put yourself and your family at risk as it's a very different situation when you're actually in that type of work and you can't get out of it. I'm a worker for vulnerable people and I love my job but I am forced to to it. You have the option not to start there. You could always go back to care when the risks have gone.

Can you do work from home online surveys etc. There are so many, just be careful with scams.

Sandybval Sun 12-Apr-20 10:30:33

If you can afford not to, think long and hard about it. I don't mean this horribly as carers do a fantastic job for poor pay, so not saying that it isn't a good career or anything; but they are always short and looking for people, you could apply for care jobs when this is over if you didn't want to risk it now. It sounds like you would be a huge asset at the moment with your experience in cleaning etc, but ultimately you need to weigh it up. Care homes locally are short of PPE as the NHS is being prioritised and there is a shortage, the private ones can't find any to buy and people have been donating what they have, it wouldn't be unreasonable to ask them what they have to protect you.

Fidgety31 Sun 12-Apr-20 10:51:10

My son has just taken a job in a care home whilst his normal job closed .
He’s in his 20s though so healthy and doesn’t mind looking after the older folk .
If you have health condition a then maybe not such a good idea .

Livelovelife35 Sun 12-Apr-20 11:22:03

If I was already in the place I'd have no choice of if my last care job was worth it I still would be amongst it just cause now I've had a gap between jobs and I'm not even in the care home yet so was thinking is it the right time to start with all this uncertainty. As far as I'm aware I'm healthy and I dont know of any underlying health issues apart from hayfever

As far as I know from the home they had strict procedures in stopping the virus from getting to the residents so they have no idea how it got in and I'm thinking how can they know if I'm not going to pose a risk to them as I could have it and not show symptoms.
It's a scary thought of knowing you'll be entering a place that has it and having fears of you getting it or bringing it home.

We are on uc the now as parter has been off sick since jan and I'm wondering if protecting my self and family and others will be more beneficial than me getting it or passing it on or worse
Already stressed with not knowing if our wedding in july will be ok as need to wait till next month when the hotel re opens if it does

I choose this as it will be more a month than my last care job and even cleaning will walk out with the same amount as partner does a month so definitely a good shout just unsure given these times

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Issues12 Sun 12-Apr-20 11:25:21

There will always be care jobs available after. Care companies treat their staff poorly a lot of the time anyway so they won’t really give a crap about ur safety in my opinion .

Livelovelife35 Sun 12-Apr-20 12:02:14

As I say i applied a while ago before this virus got out of control and lockdown and at that point there was no cases of the virus in any of the care homes here (just out side Glasgow) I've heard of the virus in a number of carehomes up this way this one I'm ment to be going into is the first in this area
Our family has been good in staying home etc so we have protected ourselves and other family members who are at risk
It's something that sticks in your mind if you get it and it does end you I'll be leaving behind a grieving future hubby a daughter mother brother etc or if I pass it on to partner or daughter the now we are all healthy and following the rules
Can probably get a job any any time but you wont be able to get your health back or life
They wouldn't hold it against me if I say to them to hold off hiring me just now and start me at a later date?

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nolovelost Mon 13-Apr-20 10:49:39

You just need to be honest and ask them if they'd hire you later. The thing is, it will be an on going problem, maybe until a vaccine in 12-18 months. Would you still want to put yourself at risk, say later on in the year - next year? Would they be recruiting then? You just don't know. There's so much uncertainty. Call them and explain your concerns.

Livelovelife35 Mon 13-Apr-20 11:51:35

I was looking forward to starting but now worried with this virus as we know it can get anyone no matter what age and health and the fact you have the ones that are carriers and show no symptoms and pass it on
The home is a big one and has separate units and I've heard the 2 cases are in one unit at the moment that unit I think has a separate entrance as the gate to that side was locked and a sign put up
I want to work but it's the uncertainty of going in knowing theres the virus in there somehow and the thought of either getting my self or bringing it home to my family
I know the basics of caring as I did home care but a carehome is different so will need more training etc

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Livelovelife35 Wed 15-Apr-20 16:22:07

Have just found out those 2 residents that had coronavirus on fri have now died their is now another 12 residents showing symptoms along with 15 carers
Was all for it if it was just the 2 but over the weekend they have passed on and now there's more

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