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My neighbours are taking the absolute piss

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Kitchendoctor Sat 11-Apr-20 15:56:07

And I’m so mad at them!

Constant stream of visitors, having chats at the front of the house while leaving engines running, then talking about what delivery services they’ve got booked when they clearly couldn’t give a toss about abiding by the instructions.
Someone today also said that in the 2 weeks before lock down they’d spent £300 on freezer food.
Honestly taking the absolute piss.

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Allgirlmum Sat 11-Apr-20 15:58:52

My neighbours are the same yesterday I witnessed them going into another neighbors house with BBQ and drink there out all the time I've seen a good 50 people walk up and down my road since yesterday absolutely ridiculous

Kitchendoctor Sat 11-Apr-20 16:03:55

So many people are following the rules and making huge sacrifices, while they’re being selfish ignorant twats. I honestly couldn’t care what they do normally, but the fact that they were obviously panic buying AND they’re now showing a complete disregard for the rules is just so unbelievably frustrating.
It just makes me so mad that the world seems to be full of selfish twats.

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justanotherneighinparadise Sat 11-Apr-20 16:06:18

I clearly remember someone on here saying that the virus was a very good cunt-o-meter. Now you know just who your neighbours are and can react accordingly after lockdown.

Kitchendoctor Sat 11-Apr-20 16:06:27

I mean, if they couldn’t give a fuck about distancing , why use up the delivery services? Just piss off to the supermarket and enjoy the company if you’re not even bothered.
So many people are so anxious about the situation and they’re carrying on like it’s a bloody holiday.

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Kitchendoctor Sat 11-Apr-20 16:08:14

Oh I suspected they were a bit cunty before. Thing is to look at them you’d think they were a decent couple, but they’re obviously very self absorbed.

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Kitchendoctor Sat 11-Apr-20 16:09:24

And I hate the fact that I’ve got so wound up about it, and I’m well aware there’s no point , but I can’t help it!!

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PatchworkElmer Sat 11-Apr-20 16:10:21

You know, this situation is making me so paranoid about being judged for pretty much everything I do. My Mum dropped off some shopping (at the end of our drive, way more than 2 metres away, not breaking the rules), and we had a chat about supermarket deliveries. Are you one of my neighbours? Argh!!

Kitchendoctor Sat 11-Apr-20 16:12:26

When your neighbours have 4 different lots of visitors and you can hear them from the other end if the street, you know they’re not receiving a shopping delivery.

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1981m Sat 11-Apr-20 16:12:28

I would report them to 101

namechangemania Sat 11-Apr-20 16:12:45

I know of someone who has friends over in their garden right now, sat two metres apart so I guess they think that’s ok? hmm

Snowflakes1122 Sat 11-Apr-20 16:12:55

Seems to be everywhere people have idiots neighbours who are just not getting it. That they are part of the problem.

My neighbours are so sociable with each other, they just can’t seem to leave each other alone and their kids are all on the trampoline next door.

Gigabitten Sat 11-Apr-20 16:15:02

Yep - the three that I don't get on with are doing exactly what I thought they would.

Family round, all their kids out playing on the pavement screaming (a total of 12 all together), making it difficult for people walking dogs, or to the shop (they have back gardens to play in), fires, family BBQ's, friends round with beers, cars with music blaring out, the inevitable arguments between the kids at 2am because they are knackard, then between the parents know the type....and they wonder why I don't like them.

Neacy Sat 11-Apr-20 16:16:08

My next door neighbours are the same, also across the road, constant people coming and going, standing outside chatting away drinking tea and beer.

What makes me mad is they are out there every Thursday clapping the for the NHS.

Gigabitten Sat 11-Apr-20 16:18:10

What makes me mad is they are out there every Thursday clapping the for the NHS. YES!! With fireworks too, so they can really show everyone on facebook how supportive they are. Same here, one of them is a bloody carer so really should know better. Obviously doesn't care about the clients or her friends and family.

GingerTum Sat 11-Apr-20 17:37:37

I have three sets of neighbours on my street that are the exact same, two of which are currently sat in the street together having a drink in the sun while their kids run around together. Another neighbour in her 70s has freely admitted she is carrying on life as normal as the virus 'doesn't affect her'. Yet on Thursday nights, there they all are, clapping and giving themselves a massive 'aren't we all wonderful' pat on the back. I hate them all angry

fluffy71 Sat 11-Apr-20 17:40:56

Yes same here. Making me feel really stressed. A lot of selfish twats around.

Tootletum Sat 11-Apr-20 17:41:13

It is a bit depressing, although I'm not sure what's wrong with having bought freezer food. I'm desperate to have my neighbours or mums from school over for a drink but I wouldn't dream of even asking. I'm a lonely extrovert with two cases of rosé for company.

LegoBloodyHurts Sat 11-Apr-20 17:44:38

Oh yes, they’re the worst for the virtue signaling too.

The ones by me are all out showing their support for the NHS whilst letting the kids all hang out together.

What makes it worse is one is a nurse and the another a paramedic letting their kids go from house to house whilst the parents all sit together drinking and chatting away. angry

FromEden Sat 11-Apr-20 17:46:56

Well are they breaking the rules if the visitors are staying in their cars? What's wrong with having freezer food? Most people still need fresh stuff even if the freezer is stocked also. I don't see the issue.

Report them to the police? Lol. No wonder the police seem to think they have the remit to inspect people's trolleys etc. People have lost their minds in the UK it seems

Kitchendoctor Sat 11-Apr-20 17:47:22

It is a bit depressing, although I'm not sure what's wrong with having bought freezer food.

What £300 worth in a week? Come on, that’s why supermarkets had to introduce those stupid restrictions that the rest of us had to suffer as well. As usual, the dumb selfish twats make life more difficult for everyone.

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Kitchendoctor Sat 11-Apr-20 17:48:29

They’re not staying in the car, they’re leaving the engine running while they get out!!

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fuzzymoon Sat 11-Apr-20 17:54:18

I think it's down to some being selfish, not very good at understanding and a big part not being able to relate to it.

Even though many poor people have lost their lives to it , it's not enough that everyone is effected by it. Until it becomes a reality in their lives, by a family member or themselves getting quite ill from it or knowing someone who has died from it they won't 'get it'.

Mad analogy - you know on house selling programmes they say the majority of people can't imagine what a house could become or how a room could be used unless it's dressed that way for the viewer. Well I think that lack of skill is reflected else where. They don't have the imagination or vision with anything. Unfortunately this is serious. That's why we need stronger enforcement because they can't see it until it's right next to them tapping them on the shoulder.

Snowflakes1122 Sat 11-Apr-20 17:56:45

Oh yes the NHS clapping! They were all out in a group drawing rainbows on the pavement to say thank you to the NHS today. Kids as well as the adults all right next to each other. Can’t believe how thick people are. shock

Can’t be bothered to report them. I’m just amazed at all the stupidity being written about in this post. Fuckers.

FromEden Sat 11-Apr-20 17:59:48

They’re not staying in the car, they’re leaving the engine running while they get out!!

OK well, they shouldn't be doing that! Sorry I thought they were talking with the car window open.

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