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Reusable items you are glad you have

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Hotlungs Sat 11-Apr-20 12:39:40

We have started to use reusable items in the last year and now we are limiting going to shops I’m grateful I have:


San Pro
Micro fibre cloths
Cheeky Wipes - baby wipes
Dr Bronners Castile liquid (for hand soap - not technically reusable but goes along way)
Soap nuts (as back up for if we run out of washing powder)

How about you?

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HerRoyalCarbyLess Sat 11-Apr-20 12:41:34

Micro fibre cloths
Bees wax wraps

Hotlungs Sat 11-Apr-20 12:42:24

Oh yes I have beeswax wraps too. They are great

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ludicrouslemons Sat 11-Apr-20 12:44:41

Cheeky wipes
Eco balls
Silicone baking mat
Reusable freezer bags

Also glad we buy loo roll, washing up liquid, hand wash in bulk

ssd Sat 11-Apr-20 12:45:34

My wardrobe grin

WhiteVixen Sat 11-Apr-20 12:47:29

Cloth nappies and cheeky wipes, my boobs for feeding, san pro for me although my periods haven’t returned yet and microfibre cloths for cleaning.

WhiteVixen Sat 11-Apr-20 12:48:36

Although the boobs are only good for feeding the baby.

Hotlungs Sat 11-Apr-20 12:50:41

@whitevixen I’m also breastfeeding and had a fleeting thought about whether we could use it for tea if we ran out of milk grin

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BruceAndNosh Sat 11-Apr-20 12:50:55

Swedish dish cloths.
Pack of 10, a clean one every day.
The used ones dry overnight so don't go manky and get chucked in with towels at the end of the week

Hotlungs Sat 11-Apr-20 12:53:14

@ssd I’m mainly living in leggings and joggers probably need to try real clothes on at some point to make sure I don’t expand in to my elastic waistbands grin

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GammaRays Sat 11-Apr-20 13:04:14

Sanpro (my moon cup is my life saver atm)
Breastfeeding (DS is 15 months and still loves the boobs)
Guinea pig fleece bedding (don't have to worry about buying wood shavings)

And technically shouldn't be on this list, but a proper hiking style baby carrier. I can walk a good distance and DS is happy for ages, plus close to me and up high so he can't touch everything.

Lovelydovey Sat 11-Apr-20 13:07:08

Lots of dusters and cleaning cloths
Washable Sanpro
Beeswax wraps
Lots of Tupperware

Also glad that I tend to buy things in bulk when on offer - am starting to run those stocks down somewhat at the moment - both because I don’t want to go out but also because everything is full price in the supermarkets to discourage bulk buying.

satansbumhole Sat 11-Apr-20 13:14:49

mooncup, reusable sanpro

Smileyoriley Sat 11-Apr-20 15:09:27

Ecco laundry balls
Micro fibre cloths
Muslins for cleansing skin

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