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Testing and people carrying on working with the virus.

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PinguPengwin Sat 11-Apr-20 11:25:28

Someone I know has symptoms of COVID-19.
He is still going to work because he works in an office alone, so feels he poses no risk to others (despite leaving his house, driving to work, walking from his car through the building to his office).
Because he is still working (has worked all week with symptoms), his family believe he just has a cold, so are still going shopping.

We need more testing.
We need stupid people to actually listen to advice and self isolate when ill - his is a family of 5, none are isolating.

I know we live in a free country where these things shouldn’t be enforced, but honestly, these are apparently intelligent people not giving a fuck that they’re spreading the virus.

I’ve spoken to him, he is patronisingly above it all and I’m paranoid and ridiculous.

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