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Flights to resume from June 17th. Anyone looking forward to their flights?

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Shehz21 Sat 11-Apr-20 08:26:47

Couple of airlines have announced that flights shall resume from June 17th.

I actually came across the article on Facebook and as I scrolled down the comments, I came across the magical September month brigade again.
Schools to resume in September maybe but flights as well? Wouldn't airlines go bust by then?
Also surprisingly I came across lots of comments from NHS workers(can see on their profile photo with their uniform and slogans)saying they are still looking forward to their holidays in June/July/August after all this.
Lots of keyworkers from other sectors as well were also among the ones who are still being optimistic to have break after this.

Personally I am looking forward to my flight in June. My parents live in another country and my father has a terminal disease and I would very much like to see him soon. I am also a citizen of the country and that country relies heavily on tourism, so most probably borders will be open ny June latest.

Anyone else still optimistic about their holidays/flying to your homecountry?

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stickman12 Sat 11-Apr-20 08:30:12

That's amazing, im surprised they've been allowed to say this as last I heard it was no flights indefinitely.

I downloaded the sky scanner app and it was so strange to see the lack of planes! There was only one over Italy!

Barbie222 Sat 11-Apr-20 08:31:07

I'd be more interested in the FCO advice as flights can operate but I wouldn't want to be stuck anywhere or forced into quarantine. Tbh June sounds a bit early to me. Maybe July or August.

Bagelsandbrie Sat 11-Apr-20 08:31:55

I think you’d have to be mad to get on a flight in June to be honest. The pandemic is still going to be raging on then and there’s a real chance people won’t be able to get home again. I really think that. It’s a period of real uncertainty.

We had a holiday of a lifetime to New York booked for the end of May and we are hoping and praying it’s cancelled so we can get a full refund - it’s with Virgin and at the moment they are only cancelling 7 days before flying. We have to just hold on. No way whatsoever would I want to fly in June.

Duckingell Sat 11-Apr-20 08:32:47

I have flights booked to go to USA at the end of June but I am hoping that they won't go ahead.

The places I am due to visit are on full lockkdown right now. So I don't want to go if we can't do the things we had planned.

Also I am not sure that travel insurance will cover for medical needs if we contract Covid19 whilst out there.

I don't think flights will resume by then.

Titslikepicassos Sat 11-Apr-20 08:33:30

No, we’re supposed to be flying to France at the end of July. They’re hinting at closed borders until September at the earliest.

Didntwanttochangemyname Sat 11-Apr-20 08:33:48

Until the government announce it I'd take that kind of 'news' with a grain of salt.

mysteryfairy Sat 11-Apr-20 08:34:01

That’s just a date after which the airline hasn’t made the final decision to cancel yet...I don’t think there’s a strong implication that flights will definitely take off from them.

SmileEachDay Sat 11-Apr-20 08:35:26

The article says “subject to change”.

I think it’s so they don’t have to refund everything all at once. They’ve cancelled up to the stated date, so will have to refund.

I’d be very surprised to see international travel reinstated as normal over the summer.

Snowdown24 Sat 11-Apr-20 08:36:06

June isn’t far away at all- I doubt everything will be back to normal by then

rookiemere Sat 11-Apr-20 08:36:19

I'm not sure where they would fly to as I believe Spain has decided not to let tourists in for a pretty long time and Italy, Spain and USA are in no state to receive visitors. Even if they were letting folks in I think UK people with our current big spike in numbers and Brexit would not be high on the list.

I'm trying to remain hopeful. I have a couple of european weekend breaks booked in September. I suspect we'll be in some horrible halfway house by then to protect the travel industry but screw the customer, so the flights will be going but you'd have to quarantine if you went and your travel insurance not valid. Ho hum, hope we'll be able to do a little bit of travelling within UK.

WearyandBleary Sat 11-Apr-20 08:36:42

If the UK’s infection rates continue, any UK planes will just be turned back from other countries.

chocolatesaltyballs22 Sat 11-Apr-20 08:39:35

@rookiemere where are you getting your info from re Spain not letting in visitors 'for a very long time'?

rookiemere Sat 11-Apr-20 08:40:57

chocolate probably another mumsnetter, or I had a look at somewhere in Spain last night for later in the year and their bookings are cancelled indefinitely.

Shehz21 Sat 11-Apr-20 08:41:10

I do understand everyone's point. I also agree due to my personal circumstances, I really want to go ahead with my flight. There is a 14 day quarantine mandatory in the country so I am clinging on to the hope that I will still fly and be quarantined and if no symptoms, can see my dad afterwards.

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TaxFool Sat 11-Apr-20 08:44:33

It's all well and good airlines declaring they are planning to fly and people saying they are looking forward to their holidays, but what about the countries they are travelling to? I would imagine, in the short term at least, that arrivals could be asked to self-isolate for at least 7 days and then potentially the same on return to the UK.

Spain won't be welcoming tourists for a while yet and the threat that a country could go back into lockdown while you're in it, will remain high for some time yet.

I foolishly applied for a BA voucher for our May half term flights. I should've held out for a refund and am not sure why I didnt, so I've pretty much written that off as wasted money, as I imagine prices will rocket for at least the next year.

rookiemere Sat 11-Apr-20 08:44:56

Also sadly I think the framing of the message is to make it seem more optimistic than it is and also discouraging future travellers post 17th June from contacting them. What they actually mean is flights are cancelled until then, but at present nobody really knows if some sort of service will resume after that.

Shehz21 Sat 11-Apr-20 08:45:38

The airline I am meant to travel by is not in this article and has already resumed flights(outbound only -Emirates).

How are airlines going to deal with grounded flights say until the virus is 'eradicated'?

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Travelban Sat 11-Apr-20 08:49:24

We have flights booked for July (Spain) and August (Italy). I will desperate for a holiday and to see family by then but I don't think either will be happening. Italy is in its knees and won't want to risk cases being imported, I would be very surprised if they will accept holiday makers from the UK..... But you never know...

Shehz21 Sat 11-Apr-20 08:51:10

@Travelban your name is interestinggrin

Hope makes the world go roundsmile

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Bagelsandbrie Sat 11-Apr-20 08:52:55

I think a lot of people won’t want to travel at all after this. Dh has said he never wants to leave the UK again. I think the impact on the travel industry is going to be huge.

TaxFool Sat 11-Apr-20 08:53:18

In all honestly, I think some of the Middle Eastern airlines have chosen survival over health. I think I saw the other day that a Etihad was resuming flights too. Flights will commence at some point and maybe that will be in June, but I don't think it will be conducive for the average British families summer holiday plans.

I live and work away from my home country and I imagine that I will in the not too distant future be able to fly "home", it's just the conditions attached to it that concern me. I'm not wasting half my annual leave in self isolation either end.

midnightstar66 Sat 11-Apr-20 08:55:25

They won't be able to fly, or if they can they'll be flying people to closed resorts. I think they are just trying to get some money coming in to tide them over. Bit of an interest fee loan as they don't refund for ages. Still waiting for my Ryan Air refund in a flight cancelled in mid March

middleager Sat 11-Apr-20 08:55:33

Even if that were to happen in a parallel universe, I hardly think other countries will welcome Brits with open arms.

PomBearsyummy Sat 11-Apr-20 08:56:23

Many European resorts heavily rely on tourism in the summer months. I am keen to see what they do.

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