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Yasm1n Sat 11-Apr-20 00:58:08

Police & the council are bloody useless right now since 20:00 hours my neighbours have had people over playing music council have said that they can't come out due to the social
Distancing. Understandable but the police said it is not their matter as it is just noise and have fined the property twice this week! HOW Does it make me feel) it's damn right selfish!

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CakeItOrLeave Sat 11-Apr-20 01:04:29

You’re not alone. Housemate had a party today, called the 101 to report the party and get it shut down- no one came. They’re constantly breaking social distancing and continue to do it because there’s no repercussions.

Yasm1n Sat 11-Apr-20 01:14:23

its a bloody joke, I rang the council and they said they cant come out granted they had a fair reason but this property is on the high rise risk due to police putting it on there and they should come out even if the people talk loud in their house as they have had 3 fines and 4 warnings! but clearly they don't care 4 neighbours have reported them also to 101 and the council. police say we are wasting their time. no I am not I am saving them from having to deal with people piling into one house. the actual cheek! its so god damn selfish 01:13am and cant sleep because of some illiterate people and that the police cant be bothered to come as he said he is sick of the reports. lol no I shall keep hounding until something gets done

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Redglitter Sat 11-Apr-20 02:06:57

I cant believe they're using social distancing as a reason not to.go - that's mad.

Were practising as much social distancing as possible & dealing with a lot of things over the phone but it's been made clear that officers MUST attend every report of a breach of the guidelines.

Yasm1n Sat 11-Apr-20 02:25:56

they said to me their sick of the reports about that property and their noise reports, haha imagine how I feel having to live next too them everyday is a new story with them! give me ways to get rid of them out of their rented property they all work cash in hand and pile into one house. imagine the germs in there. disgusting

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PhilCornwall1 Sat 11-Apr-20 03:17:40

* ts a bloody joke, I rang the council and they said they cant come out granted they had a fair reason*

Typical Council bullshit response (apologies, I used to work for one and this is typical). They won't come out to something like this, yet they have been going to shops and spouting to the owners what is essential and non-essential and what they can sell, again wrongly.

Social distancing my arse, it's confrontation and they are shit at it.

Weenurse Sat 11-Apr-20 03:23:59

Get up early, make as much noise as is legally possible.

Yasm1n Sat 11-Apr-20 10:22:15

sadly they live opposite me and open there windows and put their speakers in front of the windows so the bass and music travels! sick of it numerous reports to council and their estate agents and too the police. what else can I do!!!

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Yasm1n Sat 11-Apr-20 10:46:37

they've got music on now sad so annoying

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Flaxmeadow Sat 11-Apr-20 11:02:06

It isn't just that party people are breaking the rules and causing a nuisance but why would anyone even want to party at a time like this. Yes I know we have to keep our spirits up and it's no good walking round with a miserable face all the time, but this is a sombre situation and it just seems so disrespectful somehow, to party while Rome burns kind of thing and especially as the cases, and deaths, are soaring at the moment

Yasm1n Sat 11-Apr-20 15:42:33

I know its honestly so sad. I just emailed the police
enviro mental health
enviro crime
and my MP
lets hope things happen, fingers crossed everyone

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