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Question about Ocado smart passes and delivery

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LuciaLockette Fri 10-Apr-20 19:30:28

Apologies first- I know there is a long thread anyway but not sure if this is covered.

I had an email today from Ocado (I'm a long term midweek deliver saver customer.)

It said that I would not be able to place a new order within 7 days of an order that had been delivered.

That's fair enough and I don't have a problem with it, BUT I did wonder if that means an order per se or an order to a certain address.

I ordered on my account for DD yesterday as she is a key worker (in medicines) and can't get out much.

So does that count as 'my order' and I need to check for slots in a week?

They also implied the slots are only for one day ahead at a time.

Any help appreciated.

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LuciaLockette Fri 10-Apr-20 19:32:47

Just to clarify- DD's order was delivered yesterday (and placed a week ago.)

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RicStar Fri 10-Apr-20 19:33:29

That would count as your delivery for the week. I could see delivery dates more than a week in advance but not within 7 days of me booking one.

MissMatchedClaws Fri 10-Apr-20 19:34:07

Yes, that was your order. One every seven days, but you can send it to wherever. I just did the same.

ArtieFufkinPolymerRecords Fri 10-Apr-20 19:34:55

Yes, one order per account, otherwise what's to stop you having deliveries to 3 or 4 different addresses?

LuciaLockette Fri 10-Apr-20 19:35:19

Thank you.

They suggested logging in at 6pm but it seemed also to say that would only show slots for the next day - not any further ahead.

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LuciaLockette Fri 10-Apr-20 19:36:47

otherwise what's to stop you having deliveries to 3 or 4 different addresses?

well, nothing but they'd not be for me.
I also get Tesco orders for my 93 yr old Mum who's 300 miles away because Ocado isn't in her area.

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PragmaticWench Fri 10-Apr-20 19:38:03

I got a delivery slot for tomorrow, booked it on Wednesday, so they are showing up a few days in advance.

ArtieFufkinPolymerRecords Fri 10-Apr-20 19:40:22

I realise that, but if one person was booking several deliveries to different family members on the same account it would not be fair to other customers, and Ocado would rather have more customers getting one delivery each.

Witchlight Fri 10-Apr-20 19:41:12

I have deliveries for myself (my account) and my mother. We have to order alternate weeks and top up with local deliveries of bread and milk.
It is one delivery per account per week.

OhhhPeee Fri 10-Apr-20 19:42:05

I got an email today saying I can have one slot every 14 days. But they won’t do this as a reserved slot, I need to log on continually until they decide I’m allowed a slot hmm

Glittercandle Fri 10-Apr-20 19:44:10

Make sure you click on the calendar to view the available slots.

Wolfcub Fri 10-Apr-20 19:49:38

I don't understand why some mid week pass holders are being given delivery every seven days and some every 14. Mine was on 7 days and has now changed to 14 which is fine but seems a bit odd if others are getting 7 days

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