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Manchester Female Police Officer bit

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Randomschoolworker19 Fri 10-Apr-20 17:32:40


According to the article, a 29 year old man bit a female officer and punched 2 other police officers when they were called to a disturbance relating to the lock down. Apparently, they were trying to explain the new Corona Virus guidelines to him when the incident occurred.

Absolutely vile behaviour but I can't say I'm surprised. I'm based in Manchester and the other day when delivering food parcels to our vulnerable children, a group of 3 grown men all wearing black with hoods up, thought it would be appropriate to throw bottles and verbal abuse at me while I was standing outside someone else's home in order to pass over the shopping I had just bought for them with their food vouchers.

People still aren't following the rules. I see it every time I commute to the school I work at. We need stronger enforcement of the current rules. No more of this policing by consent or £30 fixed penalty notices. Fine people £1000 and maybe they will then start taking notice.

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