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Neighbour has it, should we be worried (share a communal hallway)

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Crunchymum Fri 10-Apr-20 14:57:54

Sorry if this sounds selfish but we are a shielding family so I am quite concerned.

We live in a converted house. Just us and one of other household.

We've been having daily exercise and past few days in the nice weather we've been using the small outside space.

One of the downstairs neighbours went down with it about 5 days ago, the couple are both self isolating but what are the risks of the virus still being present ? I've cleaned all light switches / door handles etc but the neighbours didn't actually tell me they are poorly and in isolation until today shock

I'm worried as their kitchen is less than 2m from where I have been sitting. Albeit heir kitchen is separated by their front door and property wall.

Am I being OTT or should I be concerned?

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Cary2012 Fri 10-Apr-20 15:24:17

They might have it, but unless they have to go to hospital and are tested, they won't know. You have to be careful and I think you are doing all you can. Remember over two thirds of those tested for it, don't have it.
I would keep cleaning shared areas that they touch, but carry on as you are, and try not to stress.

Crunchymum Fri 10-Apr-20 15:57:38

Thank you so much for the reassurance. Much appreciated!

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