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Why are people still being allowed into the UK with no tests or quarantine?

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whatevernext1976 Fri 10-Apr-20 13:18:20

I live in Egypt and over the last couple of weeks know of three separate groups of people who have been flown back to either Gatwick or Heathrow on repatriation flights. On arrival, it was business as usual. No testing of any kind and more importantly, no quarantine. Why is the UK Government being so slow to act on this? Most other countries seem to have quarantines in place. Have the Government mentioned their reasons for not introducing quarantine for incoming flights? Wondering if there is a method to their madness.

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Walkingtohealth Fri 10-Apr-20 13:20:21

Not sure but my understanding is that they have to declare themselves fit before they fly.
A friend returning from Canada said she had to sign a declaration under threat of various penalties if she flew while unwell. There were only around 10 passengers on her flight and she said that was a bit eerie,

pocketem Fri 10-Apr-20 13:21:31

Pointless having restrictions on incoming flights at this stage once the virus is already endemic in our population. You are far more likely to catch coronavirus from a fellow Brit than someone who has just stepped off a plane.

Porcupineinwaiting Fri 10-Apr-20 13:21:37

Frankly the UK is so full of coronavirus now that a few more cases is neither here nor there. They arent testing or contact tracing here so no point in an official quarantine, new arrivals can just go into partial lockdown like everyone else.

Flowersforpowers Fri 10-Apr-20 13:22:01

It's widespread in the community here, as much as anywhere someone may be flying from. Why should they have to self isolate? They'll be required to social distance, and self isolate if symptoms, once here.

Idontkowmyname Fri 10-Apr-20 13:22:06

@whatevernext1976 I agree wholeheartedly with you. Only screening symptomatically is closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.

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