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Exercise for children/adults with SEN

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Walkingtohealth Fri 10-Apr-20 12:28:36

It's been clarified that if you have a child or are caring for an adult who needs regular exercise (possibly up to three times a day) this is acceptable.

Ideally this will have been agreed with a health professional.

It's also been acknowledged that carers night need to drive to find a quiet area for that exercise.

This is a relief as my autistic son is massively struggling at the moment. I've been taking him twice a week to nearby woodlands (I do have to drive him there) for a 30 minute round walk which takes him up and down some steep slope. Thankfully we've seen virtually nobody else during these walks and then only from a distance.
His need for regular exercise is written up in his EHCP so I will start carrying that with a the relevant bits highlighted.

Just thought this might be useful information for others in a similar situation. We've mostly stayed in the house but he really isn't sleeping and his anxiety and depression levels are not good. Being able to get him out more than twice a week for a quiet walk will help.

I will try to find a link

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Walkingtohealth Fri 10-Apr-20 12:31:45

From the National Autistic Society

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PumpkinP Fri 10-Apr-20 13:42:54

My dd has autism but is on the extremely vulnerable list so unfortunately she can’t go out at all, gonna be a hard 12 weeks (or more sad )

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