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I’m working 40 hours for £75

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Stepintimebert Fri 10-Apr-20 10:41:13

I work for a billionaire, and the majority of you will have helped them build the fortune. 80% of the workers in the company have been furloughed, saving them an absolute fortune, allowing the taxpayer to take the burden whilst they sit on a yacht.
I am one of the workers remaining, and we are totally necessary to mop up all the issues and help all the customers, and have the company function smoothly once businesses reopen. We have now been told we have to take a pay cut of 15%. So those remaining working are getting just £75 a week more than those furloughed, for 40 hour work.All of those furloughed will be given jobs once the organisation re opens as it needs a large number of people to function. I know I’m lucky to have a job, but could screech at being done over by the worlds tightest boss who could put their hand in their pocket and make up the money. And once everything is back to normal they will back to overcharging the general public to fill their coffers with even more money.

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zsazsajuju Fri 10-Apr-20 10:45:18

You don’t know that those who have been furloughed will get their job back. If it’s Arcadia group you’re talking about, I understand that they have been struggling recently. Let’s hope for your sake and the other employees that they don’t go bust.

JulietTango Fri 10-Apr-20 10:51:20

I work for a well known company who had a turnover last year of ½billion.
99% of us have been furloughed on full pay, those who are working have had a 10% pay rise and senior management (who are still working) have taken a 25% pay cut for the duration of the shutdown. We're fortunate in that our company can afford to

Thighmageddon Fri 10-Apr-20 10:52:54

Zsaz is right. If it's Arcadia then there's a good chance that some will be made redundant after this is over.

Stepintimebert Fri 10-Apr-20 10:53:29

This business won’t be going bankrupt I can assure you! The accounts are extremely healthy. No it’s not Arcadia. And ALL the furloughed staff will need to be back in place for the business to function, its the nature of the business. There is little revenue at the moment, but they have lower fixed costs and they own all the premises outright. It cannot be operated with a shoestring staff. The normal staffing costs are around £12million, so the taxpayer will be covering £9 million of that (pro rata) . You would think a billionaire wouldn’t try and screw the staff remaining.

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EasterBuns Fri 10-Apr-20 11:00:49

I don’t think they should have cut your pay, but you are not working 40 hours for £75. I do think this crisis is showing the true colours of many organisations so you might wish to move once it all settles down.

mochojoes Fri 10-Apr-20 11:06:00

Richard Branson?

mochojoes Fri 10-Apr-20 11:06:15


dancinfeet Fri 10-Apr-20 11:07:00

I know exactly which billionaire you mean, I have shared this on my FB this morning. Disgusting how the performers, musicians, crew and theatre staff have been treat - especially considering the price of Hamilton tickets (assuming it's Cameron MacKintosh that you are referring to).

inwood Fri 10-Apr-20 11:07:22

You're not working for £75 a week that's a ridiculous way to look at it. Put yourself forward for furlough and be £300 a month worse off

PristineCondition Fri 10-Apr-20 11:07:59

Well your not just getting £75 are you though?

mochojoes Fri 10-Apr-20 11:08:06

Can you volunteer for furloughing?

Petiolaris Fri 10-Apr-20 11:09:39

So they have cut the salary of those remaining at work but have not cut the salary of those furloughed? That’s discrimination, they can’t do that!

Shitsgettingcrazy Fri 10-Apr-20 11:09:39

You are not working 40 hours for £75 at all.

All my colleagues are furloughed. I am not because I am needed to help keep it together
I am working 40 hours for my whole wage. Not what I get more than them.

Soontobe60 Fri 10-Apr-20 11:11:09

Op, if you are on minimum wage, then you're getting £8.72 an hour. They cannot legally cut this at all as its minimum wage. That equates to £350+ per week, not £75 a week. To be earning £75 a week you'd only be working about 9 hours.

wowfudge Fri 10-Apr-20 11:11:51

Fgs you're not working 40 hours for £75 at all. That kind of attitude really pisses me off. If you don't like it and have other commitments due to the lockdown which make working full-time difficult ask to be furloughed yourself.

VanGoghsDog Fri 10-Apr-20 11:17:34

They cannot legally cut this at all as its minimum wage.

Her pay hasn't been cut. She's not working for £75. She's pissed off because she is still working while others are not working but being paid 80% of their pay.

She just doesn't want to work. She should resign and let someone else earn a wage.

TSSDNCOP Fri 10-Apr-20 11:18:14

Aren't you getting into libel territory here? You've asserted that CM is paying staff £75 per week. And that isn't true is it?

wowfudge Fri 10-Apr-20 11:28:10

The OP hasn't said who it is and hasn't commented on the post of the pp who has asserted it is CM. We don't know the financial position of the business in question and while it cannot generate income it might not be feasible for the survival of the company for it to continue to pay its employees itself.

Stepintimebert Fri 10-Apr-20 11:29:01

She? Not everybody on MN is female!

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shineaflight Fri 10-Apr-20 11:30:15

You're not working 40 hours for £75

Mummyoflittledragon Fri 10-Apr-20 11:31:31

No she’s not getting into libel territory. The additional money is £75 per week. Not the entire salary. She’s saying £375 per week on a 40 hour basis is £9.375 an hour.

Sleepyquest Fri 10-Apr-20 11:33:05

I see what you're saying. I'd rather be furloughed I keep saying that (I'm on mat leave)

TSSDNCOP Fri 10-Apr-20 11:34:36

Fair enough. Just flat out lying then.

Cakewineorgin Fri 10-Apr-20 11:36:41

The whole situation is unfair but you have to make the most of it. DH & I have several self employed friends, some who don’t qualify for government support, plus friends who are complaining after being furloughed. Last week we were saying how grateful we are that we are both key workers and still earning. Unfortunately this puts us at increased risk and the worse has happened. DH now has covid19 and is on SSP whilst friends who are not putting themselves at greater risk and earning 80% of their wage are sitting at home. What can you do? Some of need to keep the world turning for the greater good.

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