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When did dental care stop

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Takemebackto Fri 10-Apr-20 09:54:41

I’ve just realised my dental appointment was the 7th of April and not next week as I thought. None has contacted me about it. Will I be able to re book it?

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CaryStoppins Fri 10-Apr-20 09:55:43

Probably later in the year, who knows?

GreenTulips Fri 10-Apr-20 09:55:51

No they’re closed

june2007 Fri 10-Apr-20 10:05:25

My mum got emergency treatment the other wk (absecc) routine appoinments will have to wait.

beachplease22 Fri 10-Apr-20 10:28:21

My teen son had his orthodontist appointment on March 14, I made sure he made it and asked for extra bands as I predicted all dental treatments would be very soon cancelled afterwards. Made the next appointment for 4 wks time and sure enough had the text the day afterwards and all future appointments cancelled.

Takemebackto Fri 10-Apr-20 11:29:43

Thanks everyone. I know they closed but was wondering if I would be allowed to re book for say June or July or if no one will be there.

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RunsForGummyBears Fri 10-Apr-20 11:37:30

At my surgery they rebooked appointments when they announced the closure, but they aren't rebooking any others until they are reopened. The staff isn't around to rebook now.

ifoughtforliberty Fri 10-Apr-20 11:49:35

Our dentist called. I am assuming that although the surgery may be closed that the receptionist had gone in to make calls. They moved all our appointments to the summer holidays.

ifoughtforliberty Fri 10-Apr-20 11:50:39

Meant to say in all honesty I wouldnt worry about it. Just phone up when they reopen.

cantbreatheenough Fri 10-Apr-20 12:16:34

There was a post earlier in the week about dentistry and as it is an AGP which is high covid risk, they had no idea when dentistry will return and certainly not how it usually is done. Huge amounts of PPE and deep cleaning between appointments would be needed and dentists would be at high exposure risk etc. Another NHS area that can't resume properly until covid is gone most likely.

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