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Dropping off supplies and police

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youkiddingme Fri 10-Apr-20 02:17:40

I wanted to go with hubby because the plan was for him to stay in the car as he's higher risk, but also he can keep any eye out while I drop things because there have been people running of with bags of shopping on occasion, it might just help.
I can't go alone because I'm sight impaired.
Think the carers are pulled out and they are trying to minimise the number of places they go - not swapping rounds or doing shopping etc as they don't want to spread it around their patients. Where she normally has a few she's basically down to one or two only, and one even does the job that the cleaning lady normally does, so they are not doing things in the usual way atm, which makes sense.

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Pixxie7 Fri 10-Apr-20 02:10:35

According to the news tonight they are mainly stopping cars with more than one person in it. Is it possible that only one of you goes?

MayTheGodsBeEverInYourFavour Fri 10-Apr-20 01:38:35

Presumably it would count as supporting a vulnerable person. Could her Carers do her shopping instead, to reduce infection risk?

youkiddingme Fri 10-Apr-20 01:35:09

My hubby is 65 and asthmatic and I have health problems which increase my own risk. We have a disabled daughter who does not live with us who is also at increased risk.
We want to pop over to drop supplies on her doorstep, a 15 minute drive away. The main thing that worries me is actually getting stopped by police. We have been really strictly self-isolating - no shopping, no walks, just the house and back garden , and cleaning all the shopping that is delivered. Now I'm really scared that this one trip will mean things being undermined by overzealous policing and the police not keeping their distance properly. Our daughter reports that her carers have been stopped by police in the area.
This is making me really anxious.

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