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How are you keeping your normally very physically active kids healthy

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maryberrystalentlesstwin Thu 09-Apr-20 20:37:19

If they're naturally lazy? wink

My DS's are 10 and 8. In normal times they play organised sports activities 5 days out of 7, plus sports clubs at school, and they run around all playtime. They are enthusiastic about and enjoy the sports that they do. But, my 8yo was a sloth in a past life, and right now would happily spend all his time in front of a screen.

We're very lucky in that we have a garden, but it's pretty small. They kick balls around outside and try to play cricket, but balls are constantly going into neighbours gardens as there's just not enough space. They spend a fair amount of time out there, but nowhere near enough.

I've taken them out for runs (they do school cross country), but the youngest just had a meltdown and refused to go far at all. We've taken a ball to the local park for a distanced kickaround, but again the youngest just moaned about wanting to go home.

We do Joe Wicks every morning. He will only do the odd bit, and even he's not doing it properly so isn't really exerting himself.

They're also eating more than usual (as we all are). I'm trying to keep to a school day type snack and meal routine, but they're grabbing stuff from the fridge and cupboards even though they know they shouldn't be.

It's just so hard to know how to keep
them healthy. We're lucky that we have outside space, money for food. I can't imagine how it would be if we lived in a flat so I'm very grateful indeed for what we have. But I'm really worried that they're going to end up chunky and unfit.

How is everyone else managing this?

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Oly4 Thu 09-Apr-20 20:41:21

By not worrying about it? My kids are also doing far less exercise than normal but wee entering to get for a bike ride or a walk when we can. They play in the garden but like yours it’s not huge. They are also snacking though we have very healthy meals. I certainly don’t think they are getting chunky - no signs yet!
Maybe you should just accept this is how it is and ease up a little? Unless they are eating constant junk food and are visibly piling on weight, I wouldn’t worry.
They will go back to their active selves

Bluewavescrashing Thu 09-Apr-20 20:44:00

My DCs won't do screen workouts eg Joe Wicks but we have a big trampoline in the garden, a swingball set and they are taken on a long walk or bike ride every day. They sometimes make up an obstacle course or play catch or football in the garden.

Nochangeplease Thu 09-Apr-20 20:50:56

I’m in a flat. Struggling to even get my son to come out for a walk. “It’s boring”. It’s also really stressful going for a walk, we’re in central London. Can’t let him ride his bike outside as there’s not enough space and he’d almost definitely go near people, not deliberately as he’s quite anxious about it, but it’d be too hard not to. I pretty much need to keep him next to me to ensure we can cross roads to avoid people. It’s a nightmare. The only way we could go to a park or some sort of open space would be to drive there, which were not allowed to do. So at the moment we’re going for a walk twice a week and he’s spending the other 166 hours a week indoors sad

ChilliMayo Thu 09-Apr-20 20:57:18

Luckily we have a treadmill out in the shed but I've added a swing ball (and with careful prep you could use it in a flat) and also just received a rebounder mini trampoline which is proving a great hit.
You could also make a hopscotch using kitchen roll or bits of cloth with the numbers written on (or obviously chalks or paint if you have a garden).

Zisforstripyoss Thu 09-Apr-20 21:57:57

My DDs are carrying on their dance classes online, missing their swimming, but this lockdown has been good in a way, as we have been going out exploring the fields near us and they've been looking forward to their walk every day, asking me all morning when are we going.

We also do yoga and just general playing in the garden / dance parties etc.

In fact, this lockdown has really got them off their tablets & tech and not watching the telly as a fall-back.

LaneBoy Thu 09-Apr-20 22:10:40

Mine love Kpop so are spending more time learning routines on YouTube. We have a trampette which DS is on a fair bit (he’s autistic with ADHD and very bouncy naturally) and I’m going to make a daily go on the exercise bike a thing. The walk isn’t especially good exercise as we have a toddler too so it’s not fast although a couple of times I’ve gone off for an extra quick lap of the lake (we live right by a park) so I may get them to do that.

I’m trying to think of football drills and that sort of thing but need ones that don’t risk chucking the ball over the fence!

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