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Anyone else feeling down and rubbish?

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Lexijayde44 Thu 09-Apr-20 19:26:15

Finding things tough the last few days. I don't sleep great since our routine has gone. The kids are up late as they are not tired. I constantly feel sickly and worn out even though I'm just at home. My partner is off work for a week and we are just in the house taking it in turns to be fed up. We are all on top of eachother and yet we all seem to be missing seeing people. I miss my friends on the school run. My DD misses her school friends now. We've done the facetime thing. We've done short walks near our house. But it's just becoming depressing now.

I don't mean to whinge. I have done a variety of stuff with my kids. But there just feels nothing to look forward to.

This depressing virus is looming over us all. We are safe at home. I do appreciate that. But I am just struggling. Theres no Friday feeling. No weekend feeling. No evening seperating the day.

I want to enjoy afternoons watching films and playing. I want to feel cosy, but it's so hard to keep the house tidy. My partner will help and he sometimes has a sudden urge to tidy the toys up and Hoover. He often washes up. But he leaves the stuff to soak that he can't be arsed to scrub. It just feels like we are irritating eachother.

I'm currently laid in bed feeling yucky. I wonder if this is the lack of excercise. I did so much walking before all this.

Is anyone else struggling. I don't need advice to suck it up. I just want to chat to others who are feeling abit tested.

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moita Thu 09-Apr-20 21:05:58

It's bloody hard work and I know what you mean about the irritation - it's not healthy mentally worth people 24/7!

Can you go for longer walks? We got out for about an hour. Do you have a garden? How old are your kids? Even my two year old knows to put her dirty clothes in the clothes basket. They need to help out.

fascinated Thu 09-Apr-20 21:11:16

Cliche, but could it be time of month too?

I know how you feel. Being cooped up isn’t natural. I find getting out for a bike ride a bit further afield or somewhere new even just a different street from usual helps.

Try to avoid caffeine and go to sleep earlier. Try a meditation eg has lovely free ones. Really soothing American lady, so nice.

good luck x

girlicorne Thu 09-Apr-20 22:23:31

I know exactly how you feel, just take it one day at a time.i have been OK this week but I was terribly low the first two weeks and am fully expecting to be feeling like this again. My mental health is very dependent on having plans and lots to look forward to and also on spending the whole weekend outside so having everything cancelled with no way of planning anything at least for this year is really not good. Be kind to yourself, you will have good and bad days but every day is a step closer to this passing and going back to "normal" whatever shape that takes.

purpleme12 Thu 09-Apr-20 22:31:25

Yep got to the point where it's getting to me. I'm finding it really hard now. I was ok before. My child's behaviour is deteriorating and I know it's cos of us having no structure at all and not getting out and less active.
So this is really hard.
I'm finding it hard to have purpose

Mrstwiddle Thu 09-Apr-20 22:44:48

I just wanted to say that leaving dishes to soak (because they’re too lazy to put the effort in to properly clean them) is a common issue I have with my drives me insane. Luckily I don’t live with him so don’t have to tolerate it atm.

MiniatureRed Thu 09-Apr-20 22:49:46

I'm the same. The lack of physical exercise (just walking around at work really) is making me so lethargic.

Pinkflipflop85 Thu 09-Apr-20 22:54:22

The way i see it is our bodies can't utilise the fight or flight response so we've gone into a form of freeze.

Lexijayde44 Fri 10-Apr-20 16:18:58

Thanks for the replies. Yes I'm unfortunately bleeding due to the mini pill. Four weeks of bleeding. That's certainly adding to my yucky feeling.

I feel the same. My life is fairly simple. Monday-friday I do the school run 8.10am and I'm back for 9.10am. then I do it again in the afternoon. We walk with friends and through a large park so it's nice. I enjoy chatting and being in the fresh air. Then we get home have tea. Get ready for bed etc.

Now it's just long boring days. I went for a longer walk this morning with the kids. But to be honest when my partner's home I find the structure of the day goes to pot. I feel guilty for feeling that way. It's just he has long hours when he works. He does overtime in the evenings. Then when he's off he's ready for a rest.

It's funny because we thought we would do loads this week.....cut the grass, paint the kitchen, declutter. My daughter wants him to put her birdhouse up outside and he still hasn't done it (5 weeks). Tbh I don't think either of us has any energy. He's done none of the "man jobs" he was going to do. We usually go away at Easter and have a lovely break by the sea. We've been robbed of that this year too. Just all feels abit crap!

What is it with men not washing up the casserole dish, the meat tin or the baking trays??? I can clean them straight away!

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