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After this I will be:

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Gigabitten Thu 09-Apr-20 17:14:14

I know there is a thread somewhere that is very similar but I can't find it.

It's about time there was a thread where we could look forward to things, taking into account lessons learnt from the past few months.

After this I will be:

Going back to the gym as soon as possible
Run more and for longer
spending time in the garden and start it over again.
Grow some fruit and veg.
Spend more time with DP
Go out with him more, more weekends away.
Get a job while I re apply for my dream job
Buy a newer car
Start making appointments to look into fixing my tooth.
Fix the shed roof
Clear out the basement
Spend more time with the kids. - they are hilarious.
Eat better
get into a cleaning routine - I used to enjoy it.
Start up saving for DP's 60th - I want to take him to New York or Perth, Aus, to visit his relatives again.
Get ex off mortgage once and for all.

What are you planning?

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