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Does this mean we should go in small garden?

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Purpleclownsuit Thu 09-Apr-20 16:50:57

Ive just read this

(Sorry for daily mail of course! )

And now it’s making me worry again that we shouldn’t be in our garden. It’s terraced houses with small gardens and if that modelling of how they can spread through the air like that is accurate, surely that means if our neighbours have it, we could get it too?!

Would you be concerned?

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HeyDuggeewhatchadoin Thu 09-Apr-20 16:53:38

If your neighbours start coughing, go inside.

LolaSmiles Thu 09-Apr-20 16:54:47

I think it's entirely reasonable to assume that droplets are in the air. 2m is an estimation to reduce spread, not prevent anyone getting Coronavirus.

I'd not be concerned.

Lampan Thu 09-Apr-20 16:58:41


FadedRed Thu 09-Apr-20 17:04:27

People should not be coughing close to you, they should only be coughing far away. If your neighbour starts coughing close to you, then tell them to far cough.

Barabajagal Thu 09-Apr-20 17:07:22

Faded grin

Bluegrass Thu 09-Apr-20 17:08:12

Life is full of risk. We are all changing our behaviours radically to reduce the spread, but I don’t assume that I am reducing my risk to zero. Just by making transmission much less likely I am helping.

Some people on here want to reduce their risk to zero (sometimes for good reason). That requires completely different behaviour. If that is what you are aiming for then staying indoors might be an option for you.

midgebabe Thu 09-Apr-20 17:10:22

Read the first paragraphs .it's a Simulation they are not saying that anyone has ever caught the virus in that way , they are saying it is a theroetical possibility

The South Koreans who seem to have a handle on contact tracing seem to assume that it 15 minutes in close proximity that causes a real likelyhood of actual transmission

Purpleclownsuit Thu 09-Apr-20 17:30:14

Far cough 😂😂😂

Yeah I forgot the distance was less about protecting yourself and more about preventing spread! The fear has got to me!

In an ideal world we would completely close off and stay as risk free as possible but then the fresh air is so nice and then I read this 😂

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