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Has anyone had a (suspected) mild case?

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jogonlll Thu 09-Apr-20 14:55:06

DH and I haven't felt right for about a week, best I can describe it as is malaise. No fever, no flu symptoms. DH has a tight chest every now and then but could be anxiety. I have been coughing in the mornings but that is fairly normal for me, I've had a cough for probably 2-3 months (I had a virus that took a while to recover from in Dec/Jan) I've also had acid reflux at night for about a month completely unexplained.

This morning I coughed and found it hard to catch my breath. When I looked at my hand after coughing there was a blob of mucus with a streak blood in it. I'd only had a cup of tea and orange juice so it was not food or anything.

I've been monitoring it and had nothing else come up since.

Just interested to hear if anyone has experienced similar or had mild covid-19.

rainbowseverywhere Thu 09-Apr-20 15:04:42

About 3 weeks ago I came down feeling very lethargic, achy and a bit of a tight chest (asthmatic). My temperature started creeping up and I had a low level fever of about 37.9 for 12 hours. I had chills and couldn't get warm, shivering under the duvet with fleece pjs, blankets and dressing gown on.

After 12 hours my fever went and I was left feeling very achy and lethargic. Lasted about 24 - 36 hours.

My 6 year old DD experienced exactly the same at the same time but recovered a lot quicker.

No idea if it was covid but it was unexplainable. I'm not one for temperatures unless I have an infection or flu (only had flu once in my life).

Who knows, but I would love an antibody test when they come out. Although not sure I'd be eligible.

bellalou1234 Thu 09-Apr-20 15:19:56

I have had a headache for 1 weeks, blocked nose, now no sense of smell whatsoever.. though slightly sore and one tonsil is swollen.. and just feel not quiet right, not I'll enough to be off work.. no fever, cough

jogonlll Thu 09-Apr-20 16:28:28

Ah one of my tonsils is also swollen, I've just checked.

bellalou1234 Thu 09-Apr-20 16:51:38

I just wish I knew if this was it, or if I was going to get really Ill.

BoogleMcGroogle Thu 09-Apr-20 17:00:44

I think I did about six weeks ago ( if I have, I caught it in the French Alps or in the drive down. I had a fever and aches for about five days, overlapping with a very sore throat ( I had to whisper), a sore chest ( felt like a burp I couldn't get up. My cough ended about ten days ago. If it was COVID, I'd say it was pretty mild, although I'm not sure I could have done much that first week ( I wrote reports from home. It feel early in the pandemic to be Covid, but it does seem quite a coincidence if it's not.

waltzingparrot Thu 09-Apr-20 17:15:37

Hard to tell isn't it? I suppose if some people have it and get absolutely no symptoms then presumably these odd short lived symptoms could be it too.

DS2 felt a bit warm and tired for 24 hours at the same time I had that tight chest feeling and a bit of a headache that lasted 2 days. The other two in the house were both fine.

Was that it? Maybe we'd all test positive.

10storeylovesong Thu 09-Apr-20 17:21:59

I've had a very minor cough. No other symptoms but sent home from work. I've been tested today (frontline worker that they're keen to get back to work!) and should have my results in 72 hours.

4forkssake Thu 09-Apr-20 17:52:51

I had something for about 2 weeks just before the schools were closed (lost track of time as to how long ago that was). I had a dry cough, sore throat, headache (but I also get sinus headaches in bad weather so put it down to that), temp of between 37.8 & 39.3 for almost 2 weeks, chest pain & crackling, low o2 (have a pulse oximeter for something else & it dropped to 89 on several occasions), sweating at night, really bad fatigue for a couple of days, could barely keep my eyes open. Still have a bit of a cough now but everything else has gone. Would love to know if I've had it or not. I didn't feel great but was never really ill.

Popfan Thu 09-Apr-20 17:58:41

Yes, I had a temperature (39 degrees plus at its highest) for about 36 hours. Felt tired. Then lost smell and taste 3 days after temperature went. That came back after a week. Didn't feel that ill. DH and DS had no symptoms. Very odd. It points to a very mild case I suppose especially as I'm never really ill and don't get random temperatures like that!

Meredithgrey1 Thu 09-Apr-20 17:59:50

I got a fever, breathlessness and an absolutely awful cough a few weeks ago. The cough was so bad it was constant whenever I got out of bed, to the point I couldn't speak because I was just coughing. My ribs still hurt from the coughing even though it's gone now.
I'm assuming it was coronavirus but obviously that doesn't actually change anything because of course I'll still isolate if I get any new symptoms.

Geometricprince Thu 09-Apr-20 18:00:57

We think we might have done, DH was overseas and met someone who was later diagnosed with covid. He got ill a couple of days after returning home and then I did a couple of days later. No fever though, a cough, sore throat, aches and pains and generally exhausted. It was kind of weird because it would sort of come and go, I also had a tight chest and I'm still a little more breathless than usual and this was three weeks ago. Who knows, it was probably something completely different but I'd love to have got away with getting it so mildly!

jogonlll Thu 09-Apr-20 20:35:23

My chest has felt tight again today and I noticed I was feeling out of breath reading my ds a bedtime story. I've also just coughed up another bit of blood. Bright red this time and larger, unmistakably blood.

SirVixofVixHall Thu 09-Apr-20 20:39:41

Coughing up blood doesn’t sound good OP, are you going to call your GP ?

TokyoSushi Thu 09-Apr-20 20:44:03

I'm fairly sure that I had it from 20th March for about 10 days. I had a horrible feeling in my chest & throat, it felt very irritated and scratchy inside plus a cough that was fairly persistent.

I'm very much of the 'carry on' persuasion and continued working from home/looking after DC throughout. DH had a tight chest and was very tired for a slightly shorter period around the same time.

I went to Crufts and am pretty certain that's where I got it from!

jogonlll Thu 09-Apr-20 20:52:04

@SirVixofVixHall Yes, think I will need to call someone tomorrow to be on the safe side.

Northernsoullover Thu 09-Apr-20 20:58:32

I went to a party in one of the UK hotspots. This was on Feb 29th. It was absolutely heaving in there and it was so hot that the walls and ceiling were sweating.
I said to my friend 'if we don't get ill it will be a miracle' one of our party became really unwell and was in bed for a week. I had swollen glands for two days and I thought it was going to turn into something but it didn't.
I have never thought about it and I don't think it was Coronavirus at all but I kind of wish it was so I wasn't so bloody terrified now.

jogonlll Thu 09-Apr-20 21:02:06

Thanks for all these responses. In a way, hopeful/helpful to hear.

ElsasSalamander Thu 09-Apr-20 21:22:26

A few weeks ago I started feeling unwell with a nasty headache & some mild diarrhoea, after a few days this developed into a sore throat, cough, aches, fatigue and a tight feeling in my chest. No fever as such - the highest my temperature got was 37.7. The symptoms lasted around 7-10 days. For the last week I’ve also had conjunctivitis.

Was it Covid? Who knows. I’d be interested to know. All of us in our house had some symptoms but if it was then we clearly had it mildly.

OP mucus can occasionally be streamed with a small amount of blood however if you are coughing up larger amounts of bright red blood it might be sensible to seek medical advice.

CovidCanFKcuOFF Thu 09-Apr-20 21:34:24

I had dioreha, felt v strange, hot... Week later smell and taste went, nose felt burning, indelibly tired, jittery and panicky. Nothing further really happened.

But I read once you get covid it stays in you... And could you rear up again.

jogonlll Thu 09-Apr-20 22:29:34


Thank you. The bit this morning was mucus with streaks but this latest bit was bright blood, almost like a clot, no mucus.

Lovemusic33 Thu 09-Apr-20 22:38:16

I experienced the same as rainbow described, lasted 3/4 days, I had a slight high temp on and off for a couple days, had problems with one of my ears, slight cough and slight tight chest. Dd then developed a cough 5 days later but seems to be a morning cough, no fever or anything.

DandelionsDandelions Thu 09-Apr-20 22:49:46

I'm not sure if I have it. Sometimes I think it's (different than I've ever had) hayfever, the result of stopping smoking at the same time it started (but only ever smoked a few a day), or anxiety.

Was exposed to a shop worker dry coughing, not all that close to me, on Mar 18. I do live on the outskirts of a big city.

2 days later I had fatigue for 2/3 days. I'm usually active, work, walk 8 miles a day etc but was exhausted. Could have been stress.

On the 3rd day started with a slight scratchy sore throat, worse after eating.

On about the 5th day chest pains started. And chest tightness. I've had the odd twinge before walking in cold weather or whatever, but this has been persistent. Had one reading of temp 37.8. Other times just my normal 36.9-37.3. Only checked during the middle part of illness though.

I then had 2 days of horrible palpitations and heart pounding, worse in the afternoons and on any form of movement. Eyes 'buzzy'.

Then 2 days of barely any chest pain.

Then chest pain back. Is on and off during day, pain when breathe in and random stabby pains as well. Yesterday seemed to be in bottom of right lung, which felt 'itchy inside'. Slightly breathless when doing housework.

Now on day 18-20.

No idea if mild covid, hayfever, stopping smoking (which I did after the 2/3 days fatigue), anxiety.

Scared I have or may give it to DCs

DandelionsDandelions Thu 09-Apr-20 22:52:25

Throat ok now. Still on and off chest pains.

MrsBennetsnerves Thu 09-Apr-20 23:05:15

It's nearly 4 weeks since I had suspected cv. First I had a sore throat on and off and slight chills. Then 3 days fever, splitting headache, no appetite at all. After that one day of nausea and vomited once, started coughing the next day. Since then tight, irritated chest although that has tapered off this week.

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