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Is anyones young children struggling?

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Brahx Thu 09-Apr-20 14:10:45

Dd3.6 is really struggling this week. Every day she’s been asking to go to the park/pre school/ ice cream shop/ park. Iv explained that people are poorly which is why we have to stay in but she doesn’t understand.

How are your little ones managing?

Only so much art/garden/baking things we can do!

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ElizabethMountbatten Thu 09-Apr-20 14:23:22

Oh yes, my four year old is even pleading to go out for a drive with the windows open, just to get outside somewhere different. He wants to go to playschool, he misses his cousins, he's crying because he can see the big beautiful field where we spend almost all of the day when it's sunny. I'm very sad for him

Brahx Thu 09-Apr-20 14:27:25

It’s horrible isn’t it sad she just doesn’t understand.

And what makes it even worse it one of her friends from preschool lives next door so she can hear him but not play with him 😩

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Brooksey5 Thu 09-Apr-20 14:31:05

Have you seen any of the books aimed at young children on explaining the virus? Or maybe you could play a game with teddies where you both help the teddies understand they can’t go to the park.

I really feel for you, must be so hard in little ones x

LMalone Thu 09-Apr-20 14:32:17

It’s generally easier to distract the younger ones. Art, crafts and baking are pretty much endless. You can get them involved in everything you are doing with general chores. Why not set up ice cream parlour in the garden/kitchen? Improvise. Make your own shop and stock with things.

It’s a nicer age when they don’t understand the severity of the situation so you don’t have to deal with their anxiety.

OnlyFoolsnMothers Thu 09-Apr-20 14:38:28

Yes it’s so hard, their lack of understanding combined with their inability to entertain themselves. You cannot fill 6hrs a day EVERY bloody day with arts crafts and baking, don’t have enough stuff for one.
My little one sees her cousins on FaceTime and then asks to get in the car to go see them.
Honestly and then I hear of adults having parties and I get so enraged I want to flounce the bloody rules and go up the road to my family... but I won’t.

PumpkinP Thu 09-Apr-20 14:42:02

Yeh it’s tough, my 9 year old can’t go out at all as she’s extremely vulnerable meaning none of the other 3 can go out either even just for a walk as she can’t be left home alone and I’m a lone parent.

Londonwriter Thu 09-Apr-20 14:52:11

My son (3 years 4 months) is really struggling. He spent most of yesterday lying on the floor cuddling his toy sheep, and saying "No" every time I suggested something we could do.

He normally has multiple carers while I work, including my elderly mum, my husband's elderly parents, a part-time nanny and forest nursery. He now has... me... who is also trying to care for his VERY colicky 9-week-old baby brother.

He's been repeatedly asking to go to granny's house on the (back of a) bike, to go to nursery, to go to the park and to go to the playground. I've bought a huge wooden pirate ship for the back garden, and I've been trying to paint; play ball games, skittles and quoits; do sticker collages & Play Doh... etc. However, with the colicky baby, I'm exhausted, and I can't play boisterously outside with the baby in a sling. If we don't go outside in the garden for hours, my son drifts into depression. If we do go outside and I don't actively play with him, he lies prone in the garden or physically assaults the family dog sad

My husband is working full time from home and we're currently trying to see if he can take our fortnight's holiday for the lockdown, in the hope that he can play with my older son while I sit on the bed holding the younger one (who screams hysterically for hours at a time unless someone is holding him).

callmeadoctor Thu 09-Apr-20 15:09:20

Erhmmmm just sit them in front of the tv!!!!

Poetryinaction Thu 09-Apr-20 15:20:06

Mine are loving it so far. They are lucky to have a garden and each other. They are 6, 4 and 2. Not a single complaint so far.

CarlottaValdez Thu 09-Apr-20 15:27:37

My 5 year old is ok but it’s exhausting for me and DH trying to work round him.

SpudsAreLife84 Thu 09-Apr-20 21:03:18

My DD5 and DS3 are missing their friends terribly so now me and their parents are using zoom every few days so that they can all see and talk to each other! Honestly it is so lovely to see them all interacting with each other, it makes me well up blush

doghairismyglitter Thu 09-Apr-20 21:46:28

@Londonwriter I just want to say I really really feel for you; my eldest had awful colic when he was a baby, god the stress of it, constant screaming & crying that I thought would never end, stiffening his body in pain, bright red, me feeling absolutely distraught and heartbroken and exhausted that aside from holding him there was nothing I could do to make the pain go away sad He was my only child at the time, I can’t even begin to imagine how much harder it would be trying to look after another at the same time. Big hugs and virtual hand holding for you 💐

sunandrose Thu 09-Apr-20 21:49:31

My 2.8 yr old is loving the outdoor play and we’re lucky to have lots of garden space. However he’s missing my parents lots. FaceTime has been working but over the last couple of days it’s made him really upset, begging them to let him go to their house. He’s also asking for his friends and cousins.... it’s tough for everyone sad

Zisforstripyoss Thu 09-Apr-20 21:54:34

My 5 year old isn't too bad, it's my 9 year old that's suffering. She is acting out and being really silly. It's tough to be patient with her sometimes.

SpongeCake23 Thu 09-Apr-20 22:01:07

Do you go out for your one exercise a day with her? We take my 18 month old out everyday for fresh air and exercise as I think it helps him. Especially sleep wise.

Typhoonmarie Thu 09-Apr-20 22:01:48

My 10 year old is struggling in some ways. It’s hard to pitch what I’m telling her-she’s not daft and has picked a decent amount up from tv, friends etc. but on one hand I’m telling her she doesn’t need to worry about it-she’s unlikely to suffer any ill effects etc. and on other I’m trying to explain why things have changed so drastically.
She’s worried about catching it and about me or DH catching it but at the same time just wants things to be normal again.
Of course she’s enjoying certain aspects of spending more time at home so I’m trying to focus on these

Allihearischasemarshallskye Thu 09-Apr-20 22:04:04

I will never complain of doing the school and nursery run again . My 2 year old has become a gremlin . He’s escaped out the front door and took off running , wanting to go in the car to nursery. My 5 year old too just wants to get back to school and clubs , she understands why we are not going out . My 11 year old would happily never leave his room again . He’s in his glory not going to school or going for a hair cut .

goodname Thu 09-Apr-20 22:04:19

@Londonwriter I had a baby like that, really feel for you dealing with that during this lockdown. He is a chilled out and delightful nine year old at the moment who Is quite enjoying this peaceful pace of life. His little brother is finding it very hard, missing his cousins, friends school, routine, everything. He’s been so emotional, weeping esp t bedtime even if he’s had a great day. Think the changes are just really hard for some kids to deal with

PumpkinP Thu 09-Apr-20 22:07:45

I will never complain of doing the school and nursery run again

Yes to this!! I actually hated the school run, now I wish I could go back to it.

ParkheadParadise Thu 09-Apr-20 22:10:38

Dd is the same. Every morning she's asking to go to nursery. When we go out a walk she has a meltdown because we cant go to the park.
DH has now become her best friend as he's got the patience to play with her for hours and hours.

Merename Thu 09-Apr-20 22:12:05

Sorry for all the wee ones, and parents consequently struggling. Mine (4 and 18mo) miraculously seem to be doing really well - older one maybe a bit more reactive to small things. But overall I think we are enjoying having the time together, free of the usual pressures to get ready and out to places. Our day is structured around wee ones nap in afternoon, and big one watches movies etc doing that. If I’m wfh I work then - more stressful - but when I’m not I lie down and eat chocolate! It’s lovely! I find the days when I get no break obviously much harder and there’s knock ons like crappier dinner and less connection with kids so they are wilder. We are also near our local park so get out for a nice walk and run about playing tig etc which lifts the 3 of us.

I’m taking some leave next week so I don’t need to try and squeeze the work around - I think this must be a big factor for many stressed families.

Lookingforwardtomyeastereggs Thu 09-Apr-20 22:26:28

Mine haven't been too bad so far, but it's getting harder and harder to fill the days.

I'm trying not to do too much too soon so we don't burn out. Lazy mornings, maybe a walk, bit of playing, tv, then maybe some crafts, get them to help with clearing up. It's ok for them to get bored.

Youngest seems to be enjoying being with me all the time, eldest is old enough to understand the situation but is getting fed up. They are both starting to argue and annoy each other.

doghairismyglitter Thu 09-Apr-20 22:29:19

There are some days when I find it particularly difficult and have a little cry. As a lone parent to a 2 & 3 year old I really miss adult conversations and contact.
Plus when they get upset about missing nursery, their friends etc it is hard to try and explain why they can’t see them/go to the park/see their nursery teachers etc.
I find having a set routine helps hugely, then they always know after breakfast it’s go for a walk with our dog time, after lunch it’s little ones nap, after nap it’s play in the garden time, etc. I think they have coped better by having a routine.
I try & look at the positives on my down days; that I will never ever get this much time with them again, that the memories we are making together will one day be so cherished and precious. Our bond as a little family has got even stronger. And my darling dog is getting on a bit now, so I also count my blessings that I’m spending 24 hours a day with him too, when I wouldn’t be normally, and when he’s not around anymore I’ll be grateful I had all this time with him also, with no nursery/work/racing about like a maniac for all the commitments of every day life. For the moment it’s just me, my sons and our dog and the lovely weather, so I try and take comfort in this.

DuggeeHugs Thu 09-Apr-20 23:16:01

DC are 4 & 2. I thought we'd done the right thing in explaining simply that some people are ill so the doctors say everyone has to stay home until they're well again, etc. It's been tough, especially trying to WFH. Tonight I had to go get our shopping. The 4yo got very upset while I was out thinking I was now poorly and wouldn't come back. He has asd so I don't know if that's part of the problem - he's linked the ideas of shopping and illness - but they really are struggling in unexpected ways.

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