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Shared / communal gardens

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Orangeblossom78 Thu 09-Apr-20 13:08:54

We have a shared garden for residents and it is locked, we pay yearly for a key and upkeep of the gardens.

Couple of days ago the police were called to the garden, think it was because someone was sunbathing and it was thought to be a public space.

Anyway they spoke to a resident and said it was fine. We now have a laminated sign saying the police have said 2 residents only in garden well spaced, or a family group. Taking it in turns, basically. there are two locked areas so makes it easier.

Just to let anyone know if they have the same. I'm glad i can take the DC in there as we have a flat and no outdoor space, had not been using it until now.

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Noflora Thu 09-Apr-20 13:10:40

Which police force is this please? Each seems to be deciding its own exact interpretation of the rules.

Orangeblossom78 Thu 09-Apr-20 13:38:54

Avon and Somerset

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Orangeblossom78 Thu 09-Apr-20 13:39:36

I'm quite liking that someone called the police on us and it has now given us permission to use it!

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Noflora Thu 09-Apr-20 15:56:17

Thank you. Yes, that clears it up nicely. I wonder what the Thames Valley Police in Oxfordshire would make of it.

Orangeblossom78 Thu 09-Apr-20 21:41:13

They asked of it was a private garden which seemed to make the difference. rather than a public space.

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