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How are people making masks and scrubs - certified ?!?!?

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Ilovechoc12 Thu 09-Apr-20 11:41:36


Thank you for helping everyone. However I’m really really puzzled how random people are able to make masks that aren’t tested in their bedrooms .

I have degrees in chemistry- worked in large global pharmaceutical companies (4 major players ) - so I don’t understand how someone can just make a mask . Don’t they need to be tested ? Also working scrubs don’t these need to be double checked? Loads of people making them with their sewing machines

I’m more than happy for these to be made - but how is this safe ?!?!?

There is lots of funding pages - I’m happy to donate cash but will they “actually” be used ?!?!?

Feeling puzzled . Thank you and loving the sun - stay safe everyone xxx

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