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To feel so worried at work

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LandMoor Thu 09-Apr-20 00:54:33

I work in a large supermarket and I feel worried every time I go in. The shop seems to be constantly full of people (way more recently than normal) and a large amount of people don't stick to the social distancing. Nearly everyone comes with their partner/ family member and people are still bringing their children. I'm so worried I will get coronavirus and pass it on to my dd or dh ir even get it bad myself. Has anyone any advice?

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Hannah021 Thu 09-Apr-20 01:05:19

You and ur colleagues need to get together and speak to ur management about having security guards enforcing rules.

As for children, its almost inevitable... Single mums cant leave underage children unattended. And security guards wont be able to question that.

LandMoor Thu 09-Apr-20 01:08:46

I understand there are exceptional circumstances such as people with disabilities/single parents but the majority are full families or parents with teenagers or couples.

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Mintjulia Thu 09-Apr-20 01:27:20

Doesn’t your supermarket have greeters enforcing rules? I was at Tesco last Friday and probably 1 in 20 was a couple. I didn’t see any family groups.
Has your shop installed screens and is allowing you to wear gloves, and take regular breaks to wash? If not, you all need to get together and talk to management.

SpudsAreLife84 Thu 09-Apr-20 07:05:19

I feel for you OP,I went to a large tes o yesterday and said to the couple who were all over each other behind me on the queue that they shouldn't both be going in, one could wait outside but when we got to the front of the queue the security guy let them in together angry I spotted other couples in the shop too it was just unnecessary and far too many people in there!
I stress about work so much too, I work for the prison service and find maintaining social distancing really difficult.

LandMoor Thu 09-Apr-20 07:20:01

I have mentioned it to my manager and they said they couldn't (or dont want to) tell people that they can't come in as couples etc because they couldn't discriminate. They're saying they can let quite a large amount of people in at a time which I think is far too many. So just stuck really. I think they still care about profit and not upsetting customers over their colleagues welfare.

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