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naughtycat Thu 09-Apr-20 00:15:35

Okay, I live in Bristol. I wish everyone in the whole of the UK and Ireland well, and I really want us all to combat this shitty virus as soon as possible.

Today, on the local news, they said that for the first time in (I can't remember exactly how long), that there had been literally zero new diagnosis of covid19 in our city!!! I have to admit I felt so happy 😁 like the lockdown has worked! People have followed the rules!

I feel I must emphasis that I don't take away from the pain and suffering, particularly in London and the East Midlands/Birmingham.....but is this not a sign of hope that lockdown has worked/is working ??

Also, I understand that many people are getting infected without needing hospital treatment.....but this must mean that for 24 hours not one person turned up at hospital needing treatment? We must be in/have passed the peak?!)

(Disclaimer: I am an extremely naive and optimistic person. On waiting list for assessment from ASD team. So please don't be mean).

But this is good isn't it??!

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PersonaNonGarter Thu 09-Apr-20 00:17:50

That’s great. Fewer cases anywhere is good news.

middleager Thu 09-Apr-20 00:21:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

middleager Thu 09-Apr-20 00:22:59

(My extended family live in Bristol - have most definitely not stuck to the rules)

naughtycat Thu 09-Apr-20 00:25:18

I think it's good. South west has always been lowest in the graphs of infections etc, but every day in Bristol we have had 15 -20 new cases. So zero new cases is astonishing, and I really hope other cities and regions will start seeing this too.

(Although I know statistics are unreliable!)

I'm hoping we won't suddenly get double numbers tomorrow and find out this was a data delay! But in the meantime, this has to be hope smile

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Keepdistance Thu 09-Apr-20 00:27:54

I'm in the worried thread and was just saying about bristol.
Have to say do and I both have new coughs since Sat though so we could be in there soon (really hoping not). We haven't even been out in about 4w.

Interestingly my mum is convinced we all had covid in nov/dec.
It was like a bad flu. Hardly got up xmas day. Then conjunctivitis just as I was getting over it.

HopelessLayout Thu 09-Apr-20 00:31:42

I think you're being overly optimistic, unfortunately. They're building a 2,000 bed Nightingale hospital in Bristol and doubling the city's morgue capacity.

naughtycat Thu 09-Apr-20 00:31:55

Hey middleager, I definitely don't think it is because we are 'better behaved '. I'm not trying to be competitive or anything like that. I just think if it's happening here, it can happen anywhere. I do understand that Bristol is a wealthy city, but it's also very divided in terms of wealth....allot of very rich, a lot of one in the middle. I also understand that the demographics are different here than the midlands. I just think it is very very hopeful, we didn't do anything special to make it happen, so if it can happen here it can happen elsewhere.

It is hope

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naughtycat Thu 09-Apr-20 00:32:41

There has been loads of panic buying here grin

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Keepdistance Thu 09-Apr-20 00:34:30

I think too a lot of people drive rather than use public transport.
The banks etc probably had people wfh since before the lockdown. And we did have a few cases early on. Guy tested positive after going to China from bristol. And a policeman? Quite young from nausea died weeks ago.
However I would say ignore the numbers as it's incredibly incorrect. These are only hospital admissions. So for all of them 200? There are many many at home with it.

GreenTulips Thu 09-Apr-20 00:36:18

There’s very few testing centres

I might just be results aren’t back as it takes over 72 hours to return them.

You might have a different pictures tomorrow.

Keepdistance Thu 09-Apr-20 00:37:38

Bristol is quite central though. M4 m5 m32 so logical place for if other areas become overloaded but also this is only round 1. They will be building capacity for once lock down is removed.

naughtycat Thu 09-Apr-20 00:37:38

Keep distance....

I know. I have a friend working as a district nurse and another one is a health care assistant in a central Bristol hospital....they are both exhausted with what's happening. I just couldn't believe it today when they said zero cases in 24 hours!!

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permana Thu 09-Apr-20 00:38:24

predominantly white population helps? confusedconfusedconfused say what? Please explain this one!

middleager Thu 09-Apr-20 00:44:10

Sorry OP, I love Bristol. Feeling scared as my region is a real hotspot. What I should have said is what the second poster said.

Perma BAME communities are being hit harder, new research shows.

naughtycat Thu 09-Apr-20 00:46:50

Yeah, public transport in Bristol is awful and very expensive so most people drive if they possibly can....which might keep our numbers lower. (expensive as in ....buses in London are cheaper than Bristol 🤷🏻‍♀️) so a lot of people cycle or walk. However, this time last year I had to get daily buses into town and they were horribly packed. Also, loads of students here , with 2 big universities. Lots of people who've been to uni here, stay on here to work and settle I guess a big part of the population could have left to go back to wherever is their home.

I still think, as long as data doesn't come out to prove it was a mistake, then that is great news that the lockdown is working, we are defeating the virus, one city will be the first with zero cases, and others will follow.

I feel very positive about this

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naughtycat Thu 09-Apr-20 00:52:34

The morgue is being built on my best friends street. It's literally immediately opposite her flat. It is all she will see when she looks out of her living room window. I'm very worried about her. Absolutely stupid, thoughtless and insensitive decision by the council to stick a morgue for pandemic victims in the middle of a residential area. So I bloody hope that there will not be any more victims than the city's usual capacity can cope with anc the temporary morgue won't be used. My friend won't cope confused

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Roostersmum2 Thu 09-Apr-20 00:55:25

I think it's very good news, thanks OP. I'm looking for positivity anywhere I can find it.

I'm in London and the burrough where I live has hundreds of confirmed cases. It is hard to find glimmers of hope at the minute, so to know there are glimmers of hope anywhere makes me happy.

Didkdt Thu 09-Apr-20 01:03:36

I'm amazed I was in Bristol at the start of March and if I'm honest I was terrified everyone seemed to have a cough. Greta had just had her march. Social distancing wasn't being observed the court house was a hotbed of cross contamination and you have the universities
If you can get to zero cases we all can.
I love Bristol and I really hope it continues to be hit relatively mildly

naughtycat Thu 09-Apr-20 01:04:38 offence taken!! I would really tempted to get in to a (very friendly) chat with you about bame populations outside London....but that's not the purpose of the thread! I will just quickly say though.....when I've been in Birmingham, I do notice that people are much more 'uhhh mixed' than Bristol or London. Like people don't seem to see colour as much maybe?! Bristol people are quite open minded but the large majority of bame people here live within 2 or 3 postcodes. I'm sometimes shocked by what people say who live outside of our inner zone!

Anyway.....the thread isn't about that! PM me to talk more about this issue 😁

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naughtycat Thu 09-Apr-20 01:10:01


I agree, the Bristol Nightingale Hospital isn't for Bristol residents only. It's for people in towns and cities all around. We are on the main motorways, so we will be a regional centre. Infact the UWE Campus is as close to the M4/M5 interchange as you an get! Interesting, the students should be getting back to campus in September.....will that be happening?

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Keepdistance Thu 09-Apr-20 01:11:18

I did hear great had it though not sure if that was correct. I would think that match was young people though.
I didn't yet read the pp link. But I guess it's not surprising as poverty might be a factor. Particular jobs more risky supermarket/bus etc.

Actually the news today said a Bristol bus driver died last month of covid (relating it to the several in London).

naughtycat Thu 09-Apr-20 01:13:31

Permana......Lol 😂😂 Bristol is such a white West Country farmer city! Lol!! No bame here my love 😄😃😭

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DdraigGoch Thu 09-Apr-20 01:14:03

like the lockdown has worked
is working rather than has worked please. Let's not talk about it in the past tense until we are well clear of it. Lest people get complacent.

naughtycat Thu 09-Apr-20 01:19:25


(Apart from all the black caribbean people who made our city. And their younger generation of black British)

Apart from that most important part of our city history , we are only extremely wealthy white people 😭😂


This city is made up of wealthy white peoples and black slaves 😂😂😂 how ridiculous

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