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Is it safe to actually go for a walk?

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notsuree Wed 08-Apr-20 23:24:52

NC incase I am being a complete dumb idiot... blush.

Even though the government have said one form of exercise is okay I keep reading how it can stay in the air for 3 hours.
I have a young DC and we don't have a garden.. sad. I try staying in as much as possible. I rarely go out unless I really need to. DC was used to daily walks and I try to stay in for 2+ days then go for an hour walk on the 3rd. I am lucky in a way because where we live isn't a super busy place and if we do come across people either I or them tend to cross over keeping the distance. I got myself a bit worked up and paranoid that if I take DC for a walk it is just lingering in the air. I have bad anxiety anyway and it's even worse now understandably. I feel so bad DC being in the flat with no fresh air. I feel like a terrible mother and it's really getting to me that I can't even give my DC the fresh air they need. It might sound dramatic but I just get myself a bit worked up about it sad.
Sorry if it sounds stupid. I would really love just some advise.

Aquamarine1029 Wed 08-Apr-20 23:27:09

Go for a walk, stay away from others, and you will be perfectly fine. You are over-thinking this.

Serenschintte Wed 08-Apr-20 23:28:24

You don’t sound stupid. You sound worried. To put it into context I am in Europe - near Italy. the government here still says it’s safe to go for a daily walk in the local area. In fact it is encouraged as it’s good for people health. We are going out daily. Observing the rules. Walking locally. We feel better for it.

notsuree Wed 08-Apr-20 23:28:55

Thank you. I did think I was probably over thinking it but I'm not really thinking straight at the moment. We do keep well away from others but it's just because they said it can stay in the air for 3 hours which sent me into overdrive.

ErrolTheDragon Wed 08-Apr-20 23:29:49

I think that was in still air, not outdoors?

notsuree Wed 08-Apr-20 23:31:10

Sorry I also meant advice not advise blush. I hope it doesn't mean outdoors that would definitely ease my mind a little..

Bellebelle Wed 08-Apr-20 23:38:15

From what I’ve read if it is able to remain in the air (and scientists don’t actually know for sure yet) that’s indoors not outside where if someone with the virus sneezed or coughed factors such as heat, movement of air etc would disperse it to a harmless level in the air.

Mamamia456 Wed 08-Apr-20 23:43:32

It's only indoors where the virus can linger.

Outside is safe, keep your distance from people and just wash your hands when you get back home.

SquashedFlyBiscuit Wed 08-Apr-20 23:45:49

They've said its not safe for high risk people. So presumably there is some risk of someone accidently walking near you or touching something that's been touched. But most people are allowed out

PickAChew Thu 09-Apr-20 00:20:55

If being airborne for a prolonged period was such a significant rsk, it owuld get through gaps in your windows and 6' would be insufficient social distancing for anyone. The risk, going out, for people who are extremely vulnerable, is through lack or social distancing and the virus peristing on surfaces eg I walked up a steep set of steps, today, and DS2 used the hand rail. I'm not that worried about us as we're both medically robust and it was a sunny, dry day but it would be a worry if either of us were susceptible.

moita Thu 09-Apr-20 06:30:26

I'm amazed you've coped not walking everyday. My children would be climbing the walls!

I'd try and walk everyday. I have anxiety and staying in doesn't help at all.

coachman Thu 09-Apr-20 07:00:34

Please do go out for a walk. It will do you a great deal more good than reading Mumsnet where some people would have you believe that the virus is waiting to grab you the minute you step outside your front door. Enjoy this beautiful weather. I'm in London and everywhere is quiet. You won't catch the virus from going for a walk.

PonderTweek Thu 09-Apr-20 07:37:09

I'm completely OTT about the virus but I still take my 3yo for a quick walk most days. It breaks up the day, we get fresh air and I would probably go nuts without as I love being outside. We live in a somewhat touristy place where there are lots of people shuffling around looking at the sights, but luckily we have a small park around the corner and there's hardly anyone there (no play equipment either) so we usually walk around the park and just look around for a bit.

It's difficult to keep him from touching things though, so I often plonk him on his scuttlebug so he is only touching the handles. I also carry hand gel with me and have put a bit in his hands if he's been touching things.

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