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Pixxie7 Wed 08-Apr-20 22:02:15

Apparently Tesco’s are paying their staff 10% of their salaries at the end of this. Which given the risks they are taking I think is appalling especially as the amount of extra i profits Tesco’s will make. Surely they are worth more. After all 10% of nothing is nothing.

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Bargebill19 Wed 08-Apr-20 22:08:56

It’s 10% bonus. Plus 15% discount. Given that they pay full wages if you have to self isolate, we feel it’s brilliant. My firm only pay basic sick pay. Nothing if your self isolating for 12 weeks. Both of us are key workers. I get minimum wage and ppe if I’m lucky. My DH who works for Tesco feels he’s marginally better protected then I am.
But I can see that not everyone may feel that way. I’m in a care home.
10% bonus pay award across all staff is actually a huge payout.

Paintforkitchen Wed 08-Apr-20 22:13:30

I don’t think they are making lots of profit from this. They’ve had to hire thousands of new employees whilst still paying existing employees who aren’t at work, they’ve lost al their business in terms of supplying restaurants, cafes etc, make expensive changes to their systems and processes.... yes there was a short period of panic buying when they will have made more but that really was a relatively short period of time. People are not still buying loads extra, that is settling but they are still left with covering lots of extra costs.
So I think a 10% bonus is generous (and we’ll deserved!)

Bargebill19 Wed 08-Apr-20 22:20:14

Well said. !

SussEggsRoyale Wed 08-Apr-20 22:21:11

I'm pretty sure I heard on one of the news channels that Tesco is set to make a LOSS of several million pounds as a result of extra staff and lower shopping levels/footfall - obviously now the panic buying has died down. Even when people were/are stockpiling, this tends to be on the basic staples, which are typically sold at little to no profit, sometimes a small loss as their sale encourages people in who then buy other things.

People aren't buying more luxury/treat type items which is where the bigger profit is.

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