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Neighbour breaking lockdown everyday

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Danceswithwarthogs Wed 08-Apr-20 22:10:48

I know there’s nothing we can do about other people’s behaviour, but it helps to vent grin

Danceswithwarthogs Wed 08-Apr-20 22:09:54

Not really relevant but our neighbours only stopped using some kind of loud saw/angle grinder thing all day just long enough to complain about our children making a noise playing in the garden... oh and apparently it’s our fault that their dog barks aggressively at us over the fence.hmm I think I preferred it when they were at work 6 days a week

Bramblespoint Wed 08-Apr-20 19:58:43

Neighbour is late 50s, smokes and has previously been in hospital with pneumonia.

However she appears unconcerned about Coronavirus as everyday of lockdown her adult daughter and boyfriend have been coming over in the evening for a BBQ.

Makes me cross as they'll be the people that will spread it and then get really ill using NHS resources.

It's so hard not seeing family but if the rest of us can do it why are they different??

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