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TuscanGreen Wed 08-Apr-20 19:39:27

I am hardly driving my car at the moment and I expect that will be the same for a few months. It does not appear on first glance that the insurance companies are taking any notice of this and keeping the cash rather than offering a reduced premium. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

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Fidgety31 Wed 08-Apr-20 19:41:47

I don’t expect a reduced premium because I’m still using my car for work . I’m still parking it on the street where it could get damaged or stolen .
I would prefer a reduced road tax as I’m not driving as far .

Greysparkles Wed 08-Apr-20 19:43:25

Why would they offer a reduced premium?

If you're not using it, cancel the insurance and sorn the car

TuscanGreen Wed 08-Apr-20 19:48:35

Companies in the US are offering refunds because your premium tends to go up the higher mileage you do, if you aren't driving (generally) your risk is lower

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inwood Wed 08-Apr-20 19:52:52

No it hadn't even crossed my mind to expect one.

AlexaShutUp Wed 08-Apr-20 19:57:19

If you aren't using the car at all, you can cancel the policy and do a sorn for the car, as a previous poster has suggested.

If you're still driving it, then I don't think you should expect a reduction really - if you did more milage than anticipated when you took out the policy, I doubt you'd offer to pay more for the insurance, so if you're doing fewer miles, I think you just have to suck it up.

TuscanGreen Wed 08-Apr-20 20:09:22

Ok thanks everyone. Will have a think as to whether to take completely off the road

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