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Anyone not going outside for exercise?

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Cherryghost Wed 08-Apr-20 18:41:31

Is anyone not going outside for their permitted daily exercise?

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PinkSparklyPussyCat Wed 08-Apr-20 18:43:38

Me, but only because whenever I have gone the towpath near me is rammed with people with the same idea.

Janaih Wed 08-Apr-20 18:44:39

I dont go every day, maybe 2/3 times a week. Have a mini trampoline in my garden.

RufustheLanglovingreindeer Wed 08-Apr-20 18:46:21

Not at the moment

Last walk i did was the 23rd of march, will probably start after easter assuming the lockdown doesn’t get stricter

itssquidstella Wed 08-Apr-20 18:47:10

How are you not going nuts with the lack of fresh air? Do you all have big gardens?

DDIJ Wed 08-Apr-20 18:48:47

I don't go out at all.

HasaDigaEebowai Wed 08-Apr-20 18:49:16

We haven't left the property for weeks now. We have a large garden and all the windows and doors are open in this weather anyway so fresh air is not an issue.

Tomorrowillbeachicken Wed 08-Apr-20 18:49:21

I’m not, only in garden. I have a heart condition though and struggle to shake off any bugs so doing it as a defence method

PinkSparklyPussyCat Wed 08-Apr-20 18:49:30

I have a small garden but I've going outside for a while each day.

Davespecifico Wed 08-Apr-20 18:50:02

I’ve been in my garden and on my exercise bike. Yesterday was probably my last walk for a bit. Too nervous of people who don’t keep their distance and of panting joggers.

HennyPenny4 Wed 08-Apr-20 18:52:20

Hope those staying home are taking Vit D supplements.

MillieMoodle Wed 08-Apr-20 18:52:40

We're not (me, DH and 2 DC). We're very lucky to have a garden, it's not massive but there's enough space to kick a ball to each other. DH has been gardening this week while the DC have played outside. I'm still working full time from home but have been joining them outside for gardening/some sunshine after work. There are too many people walking around in our village atm, plus too many joggers and cyclists.

mumofababylion Wed 08-Apr-20 18:52:55

I am not, I am currently self isolating but I won’t even when I have finished apart from when I really can’t bear it any longer. I have a baby in a pram (solo mum) and it’s super stressful to try and dodge people in my previously deserted and now completely packed local park. Especially those extremely considerate bench sitters who make it impossible to stick to the 2m without veering off the path!

We don’t all have to go out for an hour of daily exercise, it is perfectly possible to exercise in your living room these days and anyone who was previously doing yoga or exercise classes etc would get a more similar experience at home. I definitely feel there is a sense for many of using their allotted hour outside, most of whom probably never came close to doing an hour of daily exercise previously (not a judgement - I certainly didn’t!)

PinkSparklyPussyCat Wed 08-Apr-20 18:54:08

I'm not HennyPenny4, it's not as though I spend much more time outside when we're not in lockdown. I don't exercise outside so I don't feel as though I'm any worse off.

HasaDigaEebowai Wed 08-Apr-20 18:54:09

Hope those staying home are taking Vit D supplements.

Just because you're not walking the streets doesn't mean you're not gettign vitamin D. You can get vitamin D sitting on a balcony.

Spodge Wed 08-Apr-20 18:56:18

I'm not. Our garden is not large but big enough to exercise in. I have a few weights and am enjoying being out in the open air whilst not near anyone.

mumofababylion Wed 08-Apr-20 18:56:30

I am @HennyPenny4, though I do always as anyone living in the UK should. I doubt there was genuine concern in your post though! Amazing how suddenly everyone is so concerned with vitamin D, even those Netflixing and office working through months of dark winter previously!

MarshmallowManiac Wed 08-Apr-20 19:05:07

I am going out but I don't like 'panting joggers' either.

DDIJ Wed 08-Apr-20 19:08:53

I thought everybody was advised to take vitamin d. My levels were high the last time I was tested. I was very deficient in other areas.

Bargebill19 Wed 08-Apr-20 19:10:23

No - I walk 5 miles daily working in a care home. My exercise involves lifting a glass of wine.

Marieo Wed 08-Apr-20 19:10:35

As long as DS is awake I've been going out really early, about 6am (I wake up about 5 anyway annoyingly), and there's usually no one about. I go a bit later if we need to go to the shop, but still for as soon as they open, I've always been an early bird though and this has just exasperated it. I then come home and have a shower and change clothes.

HennyPenny4 Wed 08-Apr-20 19:11:07

I started taking Vit D this winter and really felt better for it - better mood and attitude - having previously thought it was unnecessary but I am an oldie and probably my ageing face is not that great at converting sunlight to vitamins, as I said , I feel better for taking them.

Marieo Wed 08-Apr-20 19:12:03

We were self isolating for 2 weeks a few weeks back though, and the lack of 'outside' started to really affect me. If it didn't I probably would just stay in the garden.

headispounding Wed 08-Apr-20 19:13:49

Nope. I go to work full time though (Hospital). Evenings I sit out and get the sun. We've got a big garden etc. I only exercised in the pool before anyway so obviously can't do that. Walks are pretty rubbish here from out my front door anyway.

popcorndiva Wed 08-Apr-20 19:16:05

We just stay in our back garden or sometimes the front which is all fenced off as my DS likes to watch the cows in the field opposite.

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