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Anyone shielding with a 3 year old?

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P0ndering Wed 08-Apr-20 17:05:04

We got an official letter today from the gp. He's had bouts of brochilitis, several inpatient admissions. Has been getting better each winter. This winter just 1 hospital 24 hours admission in november. He's been really well since. I've been i think sensibly cautious, but not ott. I go to the supermarket once a week (alone) and we have a daily walk / scoot / bike ride either around the streets or a local wildlife park, not everyday, but 5 or6 times a week. 2 old DC (6 and 4) husband working from home ( currently on AL) but job fairly secure) I'm a SAHM. We're doing pretty well on lockdown. Better than anticipated.
I'm happy to stop the weekly shop, can do online/ have local neighbours / friends drop off as needs be. Not a problem.
But... here's my question, how do we socially distance our 3 year old in the house? Well we cant... he can't stay 2 m away from his siblings!
And is it really better for him (and presumably all 5 of us?) and his lungs to have no exercise? To not scoot again until the 1st July? How is that going to work?
Anyone doing it? Any advice? Im feeling really low right now. I've been ok taking it day by day, week by week. Review next week, next term, that's ok. But this is a definite date and July feels a long way off

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ChipotleBlessing Wed 08-Apr-20 17:20:59

Do you have a garden? I think a 3 year old can get enough exercise in a garden. I don’t think it’s realistic to socially distance him within the house and I’d bet the majority of shielded people aren’t doing that.

P0ndering Wed 08-Apr-20 18:18:11

We do have some garden.
Thinking about the older 2 as well. Presumably as we have no chance of social distancing within the house then they should all follow the staying in rule? So i can't run? My older 2 cant ride their bikes? We're a very active family, i dont think weve ever done whole days in the house let alone weeks. We're doung loads better at it but ...

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