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Neighbours having a garden party

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IAmSoFree Wed 08-Apr-20 16:42:15

Arghh, at the end of my tether with my neighbours and some advice about what to do would be appreciated please.
Live in a square block of flats that has a small communal garden in it’s middle. Residents that have access to the garden all have some kind of disability, including mainly learning disabilities and some medical needs.
A group of three of them gather in the garden everyday to hang out, it’s loud, irritating, goes on until late. Have reported them multiple times to the housing association but not since lockdown.
Today they seem to be having a proper garden party, and other tenants coming out to join in. Some of these people are for sure on the shielded list.
They are in no way listening to social distancing etc. I have no idea what they’re doing generally about leaving the house, they all have carers coming in daily though to help with independent living.
I’ve left it alone so far although it’s annoying, they won’t get it, won’t listen. I’m super annoyed today though, feels very very unfair that the rest of us are locking ourselves down while they’re treating this as an extended holiday.
Should I consider reporting to 101? I’m so sick of reporting them to the Housing association, nothing ever gets done and I just come across as a massive nag!
Thanks for any advice/sympathy

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Rainycloudyday Wed 08-Apr-20 16:47:27

Yes report to 101.

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