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Grandparent babysitting

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Wishforsnow Wed 08-Apr-20 11:56:14

Hi, can anyone confirm if a grandparent who lives in a different household look after the grandchild of a key worker during lock down? Is there specific guidance on this as I can't find it?

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SpillTheTeaa Wed 08-Apr-20 12:02:36

No they shouldn't. Some nurseries are still open. I know it is hard but it is literally plastered everywhere how different households shouldn't be mixing. And if they're over 70 they should be isolating.

inwood Wed 08-Apr-20 12:03:41

No, it is mixing households.

Pinkblueberry Wed 08-Apr-20 12:07:48

People from different households should be mixing... there’s your guidance, I don’t know what’s confusing about it.

Hullabaloo31 Wed 08-Apr-20 12:13:10

I would imagine it's happening in some areas, many of the schools and nurseries have closed despite people saying they are open, what choice does a keyworker have then?

Wishforsnow Wed 08-Apr-20 12:18:01

Thank you, it's my idiot friend who needs convincing so will tell her to look at this thread

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Hugglespuffed Wed 08-Apr-20 12:21:40

See I find this interesting. If you go over to the nanny board, you'll see lots of people saying that the mixing of households doesn't count for nannies. But I just don't see what the difference could be? A grandparent could be in their 50s and people say they shouldn't be looking after their key worker's child (so their grandchild) but what about a nanny? Nannies could also be in their 50s?
I'm not having a go, I know the rules are there for a reason..just wondering what the difference is?

PurpleDaisies Wed 08-Apr-20 12:21:50

Sometimes it might be the least worse option. It depends on the individual circumstances, like the age and health of the grandparent, the job the parent is doing and what the alternative childcare available would be.

CodenameVillanelle Wed 08-Apr-20 12:23:01

Do they want to put their parent at risk??

rabbitsnose Wed 08-Apr-20 12:23:55

Surely an ex friend after reading this!

alwaysthinkingofsleep Wed 08-Apr-20 12:24:16

Of course it’s mixing households but so is sending your kids to nursery!

A sensible approach is required. Can the parent work from home? Is the grandparent at heightened risk? Who does the grandparent live with & are they at heightened risk? It some cases it is the best option for another family member to care for a child rather then to send them to nursery/school where it is likely that they will come into contact with even more people.

Perhaps talk to your friend about why they’ve made this decision than trying to apply the “rules” to her. If she has to leave the house for her essential job then her children still need to be cared for.

PurpleDaisies Wed 08-Apr-20 12:25:13

Do they want to put their parent at risk?

Do they want to put their child, their child’s childminder and potentially other children at risk by sending them to nursery/school?

I don’t think this one has one cut and dried answer.

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