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advice on coping with in-laws during lockdown

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vaughn2020 Wed 08-Apr-20 10:06:25

Hi all,

My husbands family (including kids) are currently living with us during lockdown, and i really need some advice as to how to make this work. I have no family of my own so i'm really struggling to live with someone elses

It's the right thing to do and there is no choice for them, i just want to make their stay comfortable and relaxing, i'm finding it difficult and would like some advice as to how to cope, in particular i want the kids to feel at home and happy, but i'm not used to being around kids

any advice would be greatly appreciated....

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Porcupineinwaiting Wed 08-Apr-20 10:09:31

Honestly, agree some house rules and make sure you gave your own space.

MrsJoshNavidi Wed 08-Apr-20 10:11:31

Ask them what they need, and I agree re house rules. Perhaps take it in turns to cook or something. And if say they need to contribute to expenses as much as they are able.

onalongsabbatical Wed 08-Apr-20 10:54:46

What things are you struggling with OP?
I'm thinking - lack of space/time to yourself. Expectations that you are the person who does the housework and/or provides food/meals and possibly entertainment. Other people's behaviour being an irritation or even disruptive to harmonious living.
Quite possibly other things too.
I think have a good think and break it down like this and think what's reasonable for you to expect from them and them from you. Then approach discussing revising people's expectations of each other.
If you're all basically reasonable it can work.

vaughn2020 Wed 08-Apr-20 13:41:56

Hi onalongsabbatical - thanks for your response, in fairness the family & kids are really nice & well behaved and we are sharing household chores and i can escape to our bedroom, i read that back and think whats your problem??? its me really - i dont have family and feel lonely/the odd one-out, i'm worried that they are not comfortable or dont feel at home and that i am not a good host - mainly because i feel uncomfortable, i'm finding the harmonious living thing hard (i dont have kids) and worry that i might be making them feel uncomfortable as a result!

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