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Child contact during Covid19

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CoronavirusContactHelp Wed 08-Apr-20 09:37:37

Myself and DH separated just before lockdown - that weekend in fact.
It was/is supposed to be a trial, giving each other some space and seeing if the biggest issue in our marriage can be sorted.
He moved back in to his parents, where his siblings stay.

DH then went in to 14 days self isolation due to his sibling developing a cough. Sibling's cough ceased after two or three days, no one else in the house (4 other adults) developed a cough or symptoms.

His isolation ended on the 5th and he worked the 6th and 7th in a key role from home. His mother is in a vulnerable group.

Discussion came to contact with our shared child DS aged 2.5.
We both agreed that four journeys, as DS can't stay due to sleeping arrangements (5 adults in a 3 bed house), was a bit excessive every contact day.

I know the guidance is not to visit other households, however children can visit their parents if under 18 and considerations are made to their safety. Given our lack of contact with anyone else would it be entirely unreasonable for DH to visit here and spend time with DS (I'd go read a book and leave them to it) and then leave. This isn't being done for us to spend time together, we've looked at the way to limit travel (2 20 minute journeys instead of 4)/DS being outside the home/vulnerable family members etc. We are no more or less at risk than we were two weeks ago before he left. DS visiting is as much of a risk as DH sitting in the living room and garden for a few hours.

I'm not doing this as I believe the rules don't apply to me but I don't know where we stand on child contact arrangements. If anyone has any other suggestions please let me know, this is something I'm really struggling with.

And just to add contact would be once tomorrow, then a day the following weekend etc, a week or more in between. No one else in or out my home and the only one leaving DH's parents would be him to come to mine and the adult that does the shopping.

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