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I’ve had the NHS text yesterday but my condition isn’t on the list....

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Radleygirl Wed 08-Apr-20 09:24:27

So I received the text last night telling me that I must stay in for 12 weeks. But as far as I can see I don’t have a condition that’s on the list. I had breast cancer 10 years ago so it’s not that, I’ve suffered with a mild heart condition but it doesn’t cause any problems as controlled with medication.

Has this happened to anyone else? I’m presuming they can get it wrong? It says the letter will follow, does the letter explain what your condition is or is it just generic? A friend suggested that individual consultants might put you on the list as they feel you are at risk, but I’m not sure that is right?

I’m tempted to just take it as I’m working, we have nothing to do at work and this would then lessen my risk of bringing anything back to my family......

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Apolloanddaphne Wed 08-Apr-20 09:28:59

Have look at this information. It will help you with what to do if you think you shouldn't be on the list.

kingkuta Wed 08-Apr-20 09:31:25

Is the medication an ACE inhibitor?

Radleygirl Wed 08-Apr-20 09:36:01

@kingkuta no it’s a beta blocker.

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Radleygirl Wed 08-Apr-20 09:39:48

Thank you @Apolloanddaphne Very useful information I will have a read through that and hopefully it will give me an answer.

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