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Cervical screening

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rabbitsnose Wed 08-Apr-20 08:35:43

I've been invited for a cervical screen, WWYD? Book as normal?

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littlemixarerubbish Wed 08-Apr-20 08:52:14

I'm surprised it's still going ahead, but if it was me I would go and just make sure I followed all the hygiene rules scrupulously. Unless you're v vulnerable / shielding.

rabbitsnose Wed 08-Apr-20 08:58:17

I was surprised too. I'm not in the vulnerable category so I'll probably make an appointment

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Peppafrig Wed 08-Apr-20 08:59:16

Mine was cancelled two weeks ago it might just be a generic letter but when you phone for an appointment they won't see you .

YessicaHaircut Wed 08-Apr-20 09:02:11

I’m surprised to hear that too! I was at my GP surgery on Monday for a midwife appointment and heard the receptionist say to someone on the phone that they are not doing routine 3 year screenings at the moment, only screenings where women have them more frequently because of previous issues.

Piixxiiee Wed 08-Apr-20 09:17:46

Might be an electronically generated letter- I got 1 about 10 days ago and rang up but they're not doing them

rabbitsnose Wed 08-Apr-20 09:33:31

Ok, perhaps I won't call because they'll be busy with people with actual need

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Peppafrig Wed 08-Apr-20 09:35:55

It doesn't hurt to call and find out @rabbitsnose

rabbitsnose Wed 08-Apr-20 10:26:04

I called and they're not on

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Fluffycloudland77 Wed 08-Apr-20 10:29:38

No mine wasn’t either. I’ve put a reminder on my calendar for July.

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